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      John Lash

      I am opening this thread for what I intend to be intensive and enduring conversation of the question of how to affirm interactivity with the PSI. That’s an acronym from the MED which I am replaying now in preference to Aeonic Mother, etc. Lately I’ve had some striking “ideas” about how this works which I will describe in an audio in 18. The intention is explicit and I advise everyone to stay tightly on message. More to come…

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      Message received! On standby!

      Thank You!

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      John Lash

      Only a minute ago I noticed there will be a total lunar eclipse on Tuesday 8 November between 8 and 14 h UTC. Apparently it will be visible in the southwest of the USA and Canada but here in Spain it will be phasing out when the sun rises. Check it out for details. If it can be seen where you are in the USA it would be in the early hours of the morning before sunrise.

      I propose this event as a beta-test for the discussion in this thread. Do you practice interactivity with the PSI? If so you all do it in the same way: it is a process of signal exchange. Your attention is her prompt. You signal the PSI by putting your attention on this event, and then you either observe it or picture  and doing so, you release the outgoing signal that you are present to the event.

      The picture is precise. 15 Taurus ECL 45 is the Kalki Point in the body of the Ram. If you draw a line across the zodiac it comes to 15 or so Scorpio, in the right pan of the Scales. This is where the eclipse happens. As you hold your attention on the event, either by direct observation if you are up that early, or by visualization, or both, you set your rigpa on the topics pertinent to the event. Like this: From the earth at the Kalki Point you observe/visualize the opposite point in the right pan of the Scales. You hold the concept that the role of the Kalki avatars supports and protects the children of BodhiMa. The 180-line running from Scales to Ram accents the involvement of the Kalki warrior incentive with the teaching role of the Bodhisattvas. Direct your rigpa to reflect on these relationships and keep the mind open to what specific ideas or questions may arise.

      Then, immediately following the eclipse moment, be attentive to incoming signals in the form of intuitions, ideas, and omens that confirm interactivity. Simply be watchful for what rigpa detects. You may have a striking insight about this crucial nexus of Kalki-Bodhisattva, or you may notice an omen in your environment. Omen can come in natural events and also by flash items on the internet.

      This is a test to check the level and intensity of your interactivity. It is only a beta-test. You cannot fail the test if you do not perceive anything that can plausibly be regarded as an incoming signal, the response to your outgoing signal. The exercise is the reward no matter what is produces.

      I want you to look closely and carefully at your experience of PSI interactivity so that we can develop this thread toward instructive results. The aim here is to verify and authenticate how interactivity actually works for you, so far. Clear enough?

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        George Henry

        This map shows where the eclipse will be visible. Apparently, it will be total in Miami, FL and in New England and extreme SE Canada, but not farther west. Nevertheless, those farther west in the USA can participate imaginatively in the totality.

        Anyone who might happen to be in the Caribbean should be able to get a good view, weather permitting.

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          George Henry

          “Only maybe not.” The map Linda shared below contradicts my best efforts to interpret the map to which I posted a link, which was probably devised by NASA (and you know what that stands for).

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            Raymond Barron

            Yep, but thanks any way George Henry 1

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        Raymond Barron

        Maybe this is off the target ??? … Buuut …

        As Western Civilisations and their currency, “the Petro Dollar” refuses to accept “correction” ! What seems to be their inevitable downfall and the shift away from the corruption of colonialism, is now revealing a few new players on the world stage !! … The millions, if not billions of “tads” in countries like Brazil, Russia, India, China, Saudi, South Africa, et al … “The BRICS” are now developing a whole new financial reserve system, completely independent of the Technocrat, Transhuman tyranny of the combined western nations, the Elites, the Globalist, the UN,  the EU and the NWO Virus !!  … Consequently, “The Scales” are obviously being reset !! …  Everything will be re negotiated, re balanced,  re valued, with regard to the exchange rate, currency and money, agriculture, petrochemical, industrial, all of it !! … Bohdi Ma … The Kalki Point !??! … “jus asking for a friend” …


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      Total lunar eclipse on November 8, 2022

      This map shows the entire USA will see the the eclipse

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        George Henry

        That’s a simpler map, easier to interpret. We should probably believe it.

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      I progressed stellarium for the eclipse at my location. It looks like a lot is going on in the sky then. This is fascinating.

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      Diana Anthony

      I’m deeply grateful for this experiment.

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      As Ekajati “emerged” from Mirita (she of the Ram and Kalki point),  and there is a lunar eclipse (which from Tibetan lore Ekajati is directly linked)~I get the sense that there is a strengthening of the one braid axis of the SC. Yeah, like She’s charging up the gun.
      Also going to the trigger moment topic, this lunar event falls within the “aim” part of that larger event.
      Perhaps those who feel inclined might delve into what the aim of the trigger event means to you, and to you as you relate to VV’s desire for this moment in Her Correction.

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        John Lash

        Good to have confirmation that you are following this event closely. I anticipate have some new intel on interactivity during the remainder of this shift.


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      The astrologers are describing quite a contentious battle in the sky during this eclipse. I don’t think I recall this much data connected with any other eclipse. She most certainly is pulling the trigger.

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        A perfect moment to load the channel with her highest desire.

        All hands on deck!

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      found this site to be useful for timing. Also has some simulations to play around with.
      the place is where I am. But you can change for your locale.
      from what this site suggests, Europe and Africa will not see the eclipse.

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      Confirming interactivity with PSI heading into Eclipse. This early afternoon after reading above instruction and listening to a few of the latest audios, while making sauerkraut, (about 1:45 EST)my Rigpa pinged me to contact Andrew Pursell (we have never communicated before) about joining me in certain experiments with shamanic speech. We did connect on the phone at 2:45PM. We had a joy-us interaction for 2 hrs. One of the many threads we furiously discussed was how in mid 2016 I first came into contact with JLL through his interview on Higherside chats. Then at around 5:00 PM I received a youtube notice of the new Higherside chats interview posted below. Some of the many issues discussed there are Reset, Gnostics, Prayer and more. Notice that the experiences described would have a completely different comprehension if they could view them from our Thelion perspective. Hold onto your jammies, me hearties, we are in for a glorius ride. See you in the beauty to come!

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        Diana Anthony

        This was a dismal step down from our usual illuminated discourse. How is it relevant?

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          Diana:”the question of how to affirm interactivity with the PSI” is in my opinion the purpose of this thread. Personal not transpersonal.

          “As you hold your attention on the event, either by direct observation if you are up that early, or by visualization, or both, you set your rigpa on the topics pertinent to the event”.

          A retorical question:  What is the role of the Kalki avatars related to the topics (which we have been been investigating in the Halls for over 4 years) brought up in this video?


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      She pinged me with this song after reading the work of the 3 astrologers I can still stand to read & their take on this eclipse:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80_39eAx3z8&ab_channel=RHINO

      “For what it’s worth” by Buffalo Springfield

      Still had to filter out some new age & woke stuff to get the gist:   It is the most potent lunar eclipse they have encountered yet “All the clues in the world don’t count if you don’t know what crime has been committed” and they don’t know the crime.

      I’ll be up at 2 with binoculars, they say I might see Uranus at the peak of the eclipse, and possible meteor showers, looking for clues.

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      John Garcias

      Last night my companion Jennifer and I began our observation of the moon around 11:30 est from Central Florida. We placed our crystals upon the Earth to charge and cleanse whilst we sat facing the moon barefoot and grounded. Shakti Cluster in hand we took turns using just one.

      When it was Jennifer’s turn to use the Shakti Cluster app she told me she’s feeling cold. So I immediately went to fetch her thick oversized hooded robe recently gifted to her by our son. As I was assisting her in wearing the robe I immediately felt we were performing a specific and sacred ritual. Jennifer sat barefoot with the Shakti Cluster app as I stood behind her both of us facing the moon looking almost straight up.

      I suggested that she hold the Shakti Cluster app up towards the moon so that the moon would be indirectly visible and aligned with Ekajiti as she was logged on. She did as I suggested and thats when I noticed Pleiades for the first time that evening and how that happened was funny because I didn’t find it a little while earlier because the moon was so bright and close to the Pleiades I just couldn’t see it. However I saw some lights moving through the clouds and those lights were the Pleiades. Lol..but it got more interesting!

      As Jennifer was holding up the Shakti Cluster app as suggested it appeared that the Shakti Cluster was now incorporated into the frame of the Celestial archer perfectly and was the “Arrow” in the shaft as it where. Telephone cables drooping in this alignment made this even more obvious and outstanding. The Pleiades was at the tip of this alignment and Thelete for sure came through big time!

      Anyway afterwards we sat and observed a few minutes later at approximately 12 am canine howling like I’ve never heard before. It was eerie and some sounded very far away! and the howling was coming from every side of us. One literally sounded like an emergency vehicle siren but with a canine howl instead of the usual siren. Very strange..

      Finally we stayed out observing for a few more minutes but we both experienced really intense motion like sickness symptoms. We were both surprised that we experienced the same thing and for the same reason. That moon was pulsating some really intense Bodhi Ma frequency and we felt light headed and dizzy. We thought we would be able to come back out and see the actual Eclipse but we were unusually exhausted and decided to go to bed.

      Thank you for this exercise as I have been very much actively experimenting with PSI interaction. Oh and many omens.. a deer silently ran across the road before us earlier that evening beneath the full moon as we walked our dog down the block. A shooting star vividly remembered but was it in a dream? Still processing..

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        The full blood moon eclipse occurred here in Western NC from 5:15AM to 6:40AM. I observed it from 4:20 to 6:30. From 5:00 to about 5:30 with my bare feet on the ground in the field below my house. I then put on boots to hike about 600 feet east to where I had a clear view as the moon moved lower in the sky. I was getting very dizzy and the hike over was difficult because of that even with hiking poles. Coming home was even worse. The dizziness pretty much cleared up after a 2 minute cold shower. I too am integrating all this.

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          Russell A. Rose

          Hi-Geoffrey,,other than the fact the first four letters of our last name are the same and your observation  and mine of the event are in the same state(NC, only i am ’bout 250 klicks east of you), What got my attention was your experience of dizziness..Same here, ‘ bout  5am  as the moon went a dark red…my dizziness brought me to the ground, legs akimbo…spontaneously,some voice here or there told me to do a blood prick ritual ( as in the GTV), luckily there was a lancet nearby,, so…i cannot say that holding my bleeding thumb into the ground allieved my dizziness…yet it did give me a sense of comnnecting to the earth planet as a frame of reference…i appreciate your idea of a cold shower…i will try tat the next time..i am compelled to define my dizziness as it was entirely novel to me…it skedaddled the piss out of me…it was asif my entire field of attention was shifting rapidly enough ( 1 cycle per second) back and forth , left then right then back left, as if the frame of attention was swinging on a pendulum…only twice in my 72years, experienced this flavor of dizziness, both of them i was heavily sleep deprived ( as I was Tuesday morning @ 5AM)…sort of suppose as if pendulating between one OBE and yet another OBE, perhaps my inner fulcrum got jostled


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      Diana Anthony

      Here in the Northern Rockies we got a visit from Coldmaker.  (Blackfeet for Winter)

      Heavy cloud cover glowing with full Moon. I couldn’t tell when total eclipse was supposed to happen. I thought the light might go pinkish. Nope. Just more snow.

      Intense energy kept me awake all morning tho.

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      Awesome John!

      Diane- when I got up at 2am the energy in my house was angry, outside it was peaceful & beautiful, stayed up till almost 5am, every time I re-entered my home for something I felt that anger again but not outside.

      My youngest dog stayed outside with me the whole time. It was beautiful, saw Uranus with binoculars, noted 3 shooting stars, could see the Pleiades effortlessly. At total eclipse the moon looked to be smoky amber, not red, My son 5 miles away saw pink. I had Stellarium running the whole time to help me recognize what I was seeing. I could pick out the Ram & Triangulum. Orion was directly overhead with Mars in the midst of Orion. Jupiter was setting at the start, I didn’t recognize him at first, he was yellow/gold in the West, I am used to seeing him bright white & over head. During the long total eclipse period the Moon danced in the sky for me, alternating between a counterclockwise circle and a dragon swirl- this continued during the whole eclipse.

      At 6:30 pm eclipse day there was a power surge of some sort:  One of the neighbors coach lights began blinking furiously for several hours, our sauna came on by itself, suddenly the bottom rack of my dishwasher didn’t fit anymore (I pay attention to ALL anomalies).

      This morning I awoke in a foul mood related to the apparent election fuckery here in Arizona, 4th election, same fuckery, until I saw Her rainbow over the park- saw it end-to-end with a huge hawk flying 20 feet overhead. This lasted 10 minutes, the most beautiful full rainbow I have ever seen. What this all portends remains to be seen but the interactivity is delightful.

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        Diana Anthony

        Apparently Arizona is still counting ballots?

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      Genevieve Winslow

      I got up around 5 am, est., here in SW Florida. As the totality began around 5:16, there was an intense stirring that I really didn’t expect to experience. As it continued to darken my rigpa was thinking that the old system is really on its way down. Thoughts that something big was happening immediately, not gradually, but immediate. As the greater eclipse ended the light flickered, then it took the shape of a round a spotlight, it looked to me like an olive or eyeball with light protruding from the pit, laying sideways. As more light began to illuminate, my rigpa was thinking that we have truly entered a brand new chapter.

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      Day after the eclipse the rain came. It will be here for a few days. A full on winter storm with snow expected at the tail end.
      Strong wind for two days before the eclipse brought many clouds. I saw the moon briefly maybe two hours after it initially rose in the northeast, and it was already quite high when I saw it closer to east. But it stayed elusive beyond the clouds so I never saw the darkened moon, rather I saw white moonlight in the west peaking through the clouds. The same intense white light I saw earlier in the evening. From the position, the moon should have been beginning to dim, but for some reason it had not…

      I went walking to my favorite Black Cat Cafe and on the way I got to pet a smaller dog that looked like a corgie however it had light grey fur with leopard spots. It’s eyes were two different colors, blue right and yellow left. Super friendly and soft fur, a delight to pet! When I got to the cafe I found myself full of energy, so I ended up leaving earlier than I had planned.

      As winter snow gets closer I can tell people are out doing as much as they can before the white cold sinks in. I like the energy…

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        John Lash

        The dog’s eyes are an omen of incoming intel on the parinama. The instruction of this shift is massive involving in part new intel on the luminous epinoia. Right eye/Buddhi/blue, left eye/Manas/yellow. Blue-yellow pulsation is the evidence of the LE. The LE is biophotonic radiation dsicovered by Gurwich (non Yud). Biophotonic radiation is the evidence and instrument of the correction Sophia provided for the shift from mitotic to meiotic reproduction, which was not foreseen in the design of the anthropic genome. Command of biophotonic radiation restores theproperties of mitosis to the human animal. This is the application of epigenesis now coming into range of rigpa.

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          Da Vidya

          duh, of course! I didnt even catch this as DI! I have been on to it aswell, sometimes it can be so obvious once you spotted it, that its unusual how important a certain theme of thoughts ahd become.

          Though theres not much I can add, I will get involved in proper research. Im much interested in its doing.

          For me its existential involvement, just for now. Ill be back in the pilot seat, fully and very soon!

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      Abteilung Ohr

      I see this event straddling John’s work release on the Parinama, because something is material, the twin projector Intel is now free range…
      Even the schematic of the eclipse looks very parinamal…

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      The Parinama instruction is sublime. I dreamt of it all night Sunday night, from the origin point to manifestation in the dema, over and over, every part was looked at repeatedly.

      I heard a 2nd song 11/8, Jerry Lee Lewis ‘Whole Lotta Shaking Going On’, 7.3 in Tonga this morning plus my earthquake guy Dutchsinse has been reporting many, many quakes. Watch Tonga, it is very significant.


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      Finally got to listen to the intro to the Parinama Ezposition talk…
      I did not realize that the lunar eclipse was at 20 Taurus, thought it was at 15 Taurus/Kalki point. Going to where the sun was at the time of the lunar eclipse-20 Scorpio-at the fulcrum of the Scales…well my Ascendent is at 20 Scorpio, the fulcrum.

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      Last night, 11-11-22, at about 7:40PM EST, I was observing Jupiter and Saturn. A shooting star passed almost horizontally through Fomalhaut, piercing the “Eye of the Southern Fish”, also known as the “Eye of Sauron”.

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      I was up during the eclipse on the west coast. There was heavy cloud cover, rain, & no visible sight of our moon so I streamed it. The pink moon screenshot I posted in Bodhi-Ma music, along with Nick Drake’s wonderful “Pink Moon” recording was from numerous screenshots I took as comments from all over the world were coming in on the website I used for the live-stream.

      I haven’t reviewed them yet, all the screenshots, but it will be fascinating to read those various comments from global viewers as they observed the eclipse. Certainly there will be psi omens & clues via the comments.

      That morning, just hours post the eclipse..this fashion catalog came in the mail for Lori who had flown to Savannah a week prior. I found it’s cover to be very interesting and put it immediately aside in anticipation of later sharing it with our grail company:

      Gold shoes on a blonde dressed in green, a yellow balloon, sun-like, to her left, as she stands on a table in triumphant dance posture, everyone toasting her, with “Frances” & “Valentine” at the top.

      Here’s the back photo of the catalog:

      Sorry for the big space there.

      That back photo on the catalog reminds me of this shot, which upon arriving myself in Savannah  3 days ago, was the first thing on the television I chanced upon after settling in: “The Wizard of Oz” and this scene near the end, wherein Dorothy is instructed by the good witch, dressed in gold with the wand topped by the 5 pointed star, to click those ruby shoes together 3 times & say “There’s no place like home”:

      Here is the good witch giving instruction moments before Dorothy’s heel 3x’s a’clicking:

      This underscores her agency, her breaking away from the stereorama, the capture of the archontic planets, and her now heading homeward I believe. I took these from the couch with a cell-phone as the movie concluded, thinking you may find this mythofrenic fugue interesting.

      Meanwhile, I’m here in Savannah at the concluding moments of this Bodhi-Ma shift and here is the city’s seal:

      Franz Liszt’s “The Bird Sermon” a commemoration of St. Frances & his communion with birds, his ability of speaking the language of the birds, is indicated this afternoon as Lori’s mom’s record collection includes this Liszt composition, one I had yet to hear & enjoyed greatly today. That perhaps is the “Frances” from the catalog.

      The “Valentine”?

      The same day, the morning after the eclipse, I mistakenly received in my mailbox a cruise line brochure meant for our neighbor’s mailbox.

      I decided to do something I hadn’t done in years: hold one of the corners of the phamplet/book up to touch my third eye and then open it randomly, to see where the book opens and the eye falls. Here is the page that opened:

      The map shows the very area where the Nag Hammadi texts were found and the intel of the Sethians and the Valentinians became known to the modern world.

      “Frances Valentine” and the blonde in the green dress, with gold shoes, strutting her stuff to everyones’ acclaim, and the back page with the gold shoes/ruby slippers analog “there’s no place like home”..and the wisdomgoddess is on her way back with us riding along with her.

      This is an amazing moment we are observing together. So wonderful to read everyone’s experiences and sift thru it all. It’s a motherlode of wisdom we have among all of our combined experiences.

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        Uncle Salty

        Wonderful share Andrew. I’m reminded by your comments that timing is everything.

        After reading your insightful wordfest I watched a minute or 2 from a new video as Ben calls out the ‘Terrorists’!


        I haven’t watched any more yet because I was inspired by what Andrew had just said and was flowing steady with the obvious. Behind Ben is the Don’t tread on Me flag in Green and Yellow/Gold that JLL used a few years ago in a jolly little chat.

        A pale face Rosella then arrives right on rhyme to signal ‘Wisdom’ fine.

        Again I am reminded of the the Dreaming Myth.  Rosella’s carry a story of tragedy which triumphs with love as the ultimate victor. She hadn’t visited me for quite a number of days. Chatting in a relaxed manner, a gentle happiness oozes from her. Sporting Yellow she signals to her male friend who arrives to join her. The female then fly’s to another tree. I laugh aloud, you teasing little bitch haha. I sense immediately that ‘Her’  leading him is symbolic ……

        They dance as the soft cool morning breeze whispers to me from the east, then the sun pops through over the part cloudy Pacific Ocean horizon! The ocean is vast … and Deep!

        I remember my notes from JLL on the four winds:

        East: direct and specific instruction from the Aeonic Mother as she asserts her intention and aspiration.

        I then amuse myself with an online dictionary for more romps and prompts and this slides onto 1st base with a hazy morning grin:

        ‘aspiration’ –  a strong desire to achieve something high or great’.

        I close my eyes smiling while imagining Sophia shaking her head as she releases her long wild hair …………….. party time ………………. She prompts me. ‘C’mon Salty, Lets Dance’!

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      Yes man Salty! You know she want’s to dance with you man!

      No more fake world for us, friend from down under. 1derful to c u & BenD 2nite in the dreamtime right here right now. yes brother.  >>( )<<

      we’re all here, us grail company.


      what a dance tonite! can you believe it? omgdds!!


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      I just saw the name of the green dress the blonde woman is wearing. It’s called the “Lucille” emerald wrap dress! Go above to the back cover of the “Frances Valentine” catalog. You’ll see it listed.

      “Lu” phoneme, central building block for “lumen/light measurement”, “lucid/awareness”, “Lucifer/light bringer”

      The eclipse was powerful. I’ll be going thru the many screenshots like this one, which I’m picking at random. I have no idea what will be on this but here goes. This is fun:

      OK well that’s fun.

      Very cool, look at the UTC time. This probably one of 6 dozen screenshots I took..maybe more, throughout the eclipse. This one has the dialog of the ‘presenters’ & various real-time comments on the right who were watching. There’s some hindi & maybe someone can decipher some of it!?

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