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      John Lash

      The purpose of this Forum for faculty only is twofold:

      1. to coordinate efforts and projects to maintain, expand, and enhance the School, and

      2, to support the Maine professor in his particular chosen projects, mainly editing and completing written material and producing books

      Return to the analogy of a university. It consists of the student body, faculty of teachers in various departments, and the administration. The latter manages the infrastructure of the School, such as income and expenses, new facilities, improvement of teaching equipment, etc.  Here in a special case I am calling the administrative agency of the School the Direction. It involves those activities conceived by yours truthfully and directed into application by those who opt to support my aims. The operative word here is application — or implementation, i.e., putting ideas and projects into action, implementing them, directing them to a manifest result.

      Participation in the Direction is elective. No one in the faculty is obligated and there are no points against you if you don’t get involved. Everyone on faculty has occupations and priorities in life, which may not allow time or attention for taking part in the Direction. Don’t think that you are not enough if you don’t  join the Direction. It may not be possible in practical terms, and it may not suit your disposition. “Disposition is the mother of intent.” Your support of the School as donating faculty members is the foundation that allows it to survive and thrive. Be assured of that.

      How the Direction works is best illustrated by concrete examples which I will present as specific threads in this forum: for instance, the first thread, V V Vocabulary. Each thread defines a project to be manifested.

      There are strict requirements for posting on this forum. I can define them by a single explicit exclusion: no comments on what might be done. I don’t want advice from anyone on how to implement my ideas and projects, regarding either the operations of the School or my specific chosen projects. If you can contribute to the implementation of any proposal, do so, but do not advise me or suggest how I might handle it. Your contribution has to be concrete and it has to advance the proposal in some concrete way in the direction intended. Hence the title, The Direction. In short, you can act as directors of the activities of the School and selected projects of mine, as well as being active, involved student-teachers. If you are disposed to be a director and have the time and attention required, fine. If not, no problem. Non-involvement in the Direction does not make you any less valuable to me and the School. I am sure there are many ways, other ways, that you can fulfill your role in the School in the course of your life.

      Examples: The first thread invites assistance in compiling a vocabulary of terms used in PT and the Courses in the School. Another thread invites you to assist me to produce a manual of applied noetics titled RIGHT MIND. This manual will compile all the basics of theory and practice on the living Gnosis today that have already been defined and demonstrated over the last 14 years since the Terma of 2008. It will be the standard manual to serve to the end of the Kalpa.

      Another thread will invite you to assist me in final editing of the Yeats Conversions. Since my vision is now restored to almost 20/20, I intend to occupy my remaining time to writing and publishing books, as well as all I can for the School. The initiatives of Terma Publishing figure strongly in the responsibilities of the Direction.

      ‘Nuff said. Next I will post the first thread on the comprehensive vocabulary of the School and PT, KT and the KWP.



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