"Sacred Groves" - the School of Sophianic Arts and Sciences

Nemeta (“sacred groves”) is the School of Sophianic Arts and Sciences developed on the basis provided by,,, and other writings and talks of visionary teacher John Lamb Lash.

This initiative draws its lineage from the Mystery Schools of the ancient world, but it presents a fresh and novel iteration, specifically addressed to the closing years of the Kali Yuga and grounded in the Correction of the Aeon Sophia, the plenary sovereign intelligence of the Earth.

Nemeta operates as an educational non-profit member-based organization, dedicated to teaching gnosis and the art of living to the full potential of the human psyche and imagination. Based exclusively on the life and legacy of John Lamb Lash, it promotes Sophianic animism as a life practice. It offers educational programs in Planetary Tantra, Celestics, Gaian Alchemy, Kala Tantra and more, with the intention to seed and support a mycelium-like network that will propagate itself across the world.

In the image of the Rhomay, magical children of the Wisdom Goddess, Nemeta unites warriors, teachers and healers of the nine generations of Kali Yuga who together realize and enact the unique opportunity of this moment, right here, right now.