Grail Studies

This is a unique course on the quest for the Holy Grail, considered by Joseph Campbell to be the most important secular myth of the Western world.

We will trace an untold story: the diaspora of the Pagan Mysteries after 400 AD. Discover how refugees from those ancient schools of visionary science sought sanctuary in the far westlands of Europe, in Brittany, Wales, Ireland. This historical account of the survival of the Mysteries is exclusive to Nemeta. Such an account cannot be found anywhere else on the internet or in any book.

Course Curriculum

3.100 Grail Magic Versus the Paternal Lie 01:30:00
3.100 The Destiny of the Swan Knight 01:30:00
3.100 Three Currents from the Grail 01:30:00
3.100 The Most Enigmatic of all Enigmas 01:30:00
3.100 Spiritual Warriors of the Grail 01:30:00
3.100 Faith Incarnate 01:30:00
3.100 The Tale of the Magic Garland 01:30:00
3.100 Gawain Adventures 01:30:00
3.100 Parzival 01:30:00
3.100 Alternative Grail 01:30:00
3.100 The Cult of Amor 01:30:00
3.100 Radiant Wisdom Stone 01:30:00
3.100 The Bleeding Lance 00:00:00
3.100 The Russian Complex – COMING SOON 00:00:00
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