Sophianic School of Arts and Sciences

Nemeta, “the sacred groves,” is the on-line portal to a range of experimental learning paths based on the legacy of mythologist and visionary teacher John Lamb Lash. Organized thematically in 16 learning paths, the School offers a rich and diverse array of material for “adult education,” customized to meet the challenges of Kali Yuga. Drawing upon the lineage of the Mystery Schools, Nemeta presents Gnosis in a novel iteration, grounded in the sacred narrative of the wisdom goddess Sophia, the plenary sovereign intelligence of the living earth.

Nemeta operates as an elective member association dedicated to promoting applied noetics (Gnosis: verification of truth by direct experience) and fostering the Sophianic vision of life. The curriculum comprises two categories of the lifework of John Lamb Lash: material produced prior to the Terma of Gaia Awakening (2008), and the body of open source initiatory teaching derived from the Terma. The principles and practices of Planetary Tantra are freely available through this platform.

Nemeta is supported by a student loan agreement. Full-access membership and enrollment in specific Courses are supported by students on the agreement of remuneration when projects of the School, such as book-publishing, succeed in generating revenues. Nemeta is a non-profit educational facility with all loans going to maintain the platform. Terma Publishing is an affiliate of the School, also supported on the option of interest-free profit-sharing on accomplished projects.

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