The Menhir is the current events/update page for Nemeta — like a campus bulletin board you find in the “student union” building. Entries posted in reverse chronological order can be found with most recent at the top for fast access.

The Menhir

The Menhir is the unique page in Nemeta that tracks and displays the ongoing activities of the School. Here you find the announcement of updates on newly added material, completed Blocks, Dakini Weather Watch (Who is on Shift), revisions, talks and texts in progress, proposals of projects, events and meet-ups, and more. This introduction continues below the updates…


Saturday 13th July: New T&T for full members on 9 Biomysticism:

9 Ruminations on the Yonic Slit


Thursday 11th July: New T&T available to all on 16 Planetary Tantra:

16 Self-Love in Gaian Tantric Practice


Tuesday 9th July: New T&T on 18 Breaking Nous for members only:

DWW 9: Jerusalem Against The Nations 18 DWW9 July 2019: Jerusalem Against The Nations


Sunday 7th July :  D5 Shift of Tantra Mother

Recently I had occasion to review some handwritten notes that derive from my studies in Buddhism going back to my early twenties. I had the good fortune to discover non-attainment teachings at my first encounter with the Buddha Dharma. For example, The Spirit of Zen by Alan Watts, which I read when living in Shinjuku (New Garden), the bohemian quarter of Tokyo. Upon reflection I find it rather remarkable…

Read more in the Planetary Tantra Forum:


New T&T on 16. Planetary Tantra for members and subscribers: The Pretence of Enlightenment

16 The Pretence of Enlightenment


Wednesday 3rd July:

Day 1 of Vajrayogini (Tantra Mother/Miss Piggy) Shift

The moon would just now be edging into the space of the aura around the heads of the TWINS, and then into the lesser void. By 120 at the edge of that area it would be approaching 17-8 degrees of separation: that would be tomorrow evening (4th July) and I expect it will be visible. Note that mars @ 122 and mercury @ 124 are in the body of the CRAB.

A rule of thumb I stated in the GNE is that if the lunar shift is ambiguous but there is a major event in the proximate area, it would leverage the shift. Mars-mercury in the CRAB definitely leverage the shift to Tantra Mother. Even without that however, I would call this shift for Tantra Mother.

Monday 1st July:

Fomenko Follies audio, previously for members only, now published on yt:


June 2019 School Activity now archived to The Menhir’s curriculum units:The Menhir June 2019


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Introduction to The Menhir, Continued:

Notifications sent out via the Mailing List to both Members and Subscribers will also inform you of these ongoing activities. This page mirrors those periodic announcements by email and in some cases alerts you to new content, be it talk or text, that gets omitted from the announcements due to the rapidity and fluidity of John’s ongoing efforts to amplify the curricula, refine and reframe the content, and provide clear and “simplific” direction for your studies.

Announcements at the Menhir consistently track progressing content throughout the School and in 16. Planetary Tantra, free to all. It will also signal content on 18.,Breaking Nous, and 17, The Terma and the Terton, available to Members only.

The sacred groves where the Mysteries were originally performed were sanctuaries of natural beauty where rocks and mineral formations were carefully observed. There might be a special rock at the boundary of the sanctuary, as there was a “stepping stone” on Infinity Ridge:

There it was a flat stone (barely visible in this photo) on the left at the base of the wild olive standing offside the welcome grove. When you stepped on it you formally entered the ritual space of the Ridge, then proceeding through the gracious arboreal corridor to the Devi Tree. (Sierra del Hacho, Andalucia. Sierra de Libar to the right, northwest)

In many cases, sacred stone markers were erected in the wild sanctuaries. A single standing stone was called a menhir (Brythonic maen, “stone” and hir, “long”).  An arresting geomagnetic marker in the force field of the nemeton, the menhir had acoustic properties as well. Touching it, you could hear differently. Sitting in contact with it would deepen the shaman’s reach into the Nagual. It also served as a geodetic marker for placing the local site in the setting of seasonal cycles, aligned to the solstices and equinoxes, the cross-quarter days, and the rising and setting of prominent stars. Hence, it was a multi-purpose tool of orientation.

It is advisable to check the Menhir for orientation on Nemeta from time to time. Below you will find entries listed in reverse chronological order, most recent at top for easy access. This list will grow and morph in the course of each month. At the completion of each month, the activity recorded will be archived in the curriculum panel: “ARCHIVES”

One final word: I do wish to keep Nemeta supplied with occasional fresh input, additional to what it requires of me to maintain the burgeoning structure, the ongoing organization of the Blocks, editing, revision, etc. But I can only do what I can do, and as it pleases me… Time is at premium for me now and I have undertaken a writing project, the consummation of my life’s work and the closing revelation of my mystic journey.

Teach as you learn

– jll Autumn Equinox 2018


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    Two excellent MP3’s for orientation as to a core practice and a core comprehension. Much appreciation for the work the team is doing here at Nemeta.



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