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The Menhir

The Menhir is the unique page in Nemeta that tracks and displays the ongoing activities of the School. Here you find the announcement of updates on newly added material, completed Blocks, Dakini Weather Watch (Who is on Shift), revisions, talks and texts in progress, proposals of projects, events and meet-ups, and more. This introduction continues below the updates.


Tuesday 3rd August 2021: I invite both Staff and Visitors to look again at the landing page for 15 GNE, The Gaian Navigation Experiment, which I have yet again, and finally!, revised and clarified. It sets out more clearly than before how the GNE is to be released. An Introduction and two blocks are now accessible to Staff. Coming next, III ON THE HIGH SEAS.

Staff who can access the units might want to look at The Captain’s Log 1 in THE VOYAGE BEGINS, the introductory block. In this unit you will find two features I am adding now and then to the existing material as I re-listen to some talks. Scroll down to the audio Reading the Captain’s Log 1, and below it you will see lookback 2021 and SCAN. There you find notes being written currently as I go through the GNE, not sequentially but selecting certain units. Lookback 2021 presents comments and insights of the present moment that arise as the Nav views the GNE in retrospect. SCAN presents a running inventory of the main points and themes in the audio so that you have a rapid-reference tool in textual form giving you an overview of the talk. [  ] indicates corrections when I spoke wrongly, stated inaccurate information, or simply lost the plot at some moment.

Of course, there is not a chance that I will be able to go through the entire material of the GNE in this way. I am merely selecting units with talks that catch my attention at this moment, for one reason or another. Salty regards, the Nav

Monday 2nd August 2021: New content and audio added to DWW 38 The Consummation of OUR Work: Spider Magic and the 3-Loop Autogenic Circuit

Today marks the moment when the lunar apogee, stalled in the Heart of the BULL, begins to shift ahead and advances rapidly to Aldebaran and into the Horns. Full details on this development in the next audio for the weather watch for this shift. We are also at the beginning of Fall according to Mirita’s calendar based on the cross-quarter days.

Meanwhile, I invite the attention of Staff and Visitors to a mythopoetic trope illustrated by the constellation of the CRAB, correlated to Vajrayogini, Tantra Mother, fondly known as Miss Piggy. Previously, for example during the GNE, I explained that the zodiacal, real-sky constellations can be pictured in more than one way. The CRAB may also be visualized as the Chambered Nautilus. And likewise, as a spider’s web. Recently, it occurred to me that the latter visualization suggests that Spider Woman may be a mythopoetic equivalence of Tantra Mother. I am developing that theme with new graphics for the composite of the CRAB in the current DWW on Breaking Nous.

Some of you may at some time have hung a “Dreamcatcher” in your house. These are macrame-type weavings within a hoop, destined to catch dreams. The motif and action of the Dreamcatcher may be regarded as an attribute of Tantra Mother/Spider Woman.

The lore and legend of Spider Woman, also called Changing Woman or Weaving Woman, that survives in Native American tradition from various tribes is quite rich. Here is one example of a short poetic rendition of a prayer to Grandmother Spider

Sunday 1st August 2021: In 2008 at the moment of the Terma, and for some years thereafter right up until now, I held the view that the “secret Dakini name” of the Aeon Sophia, Vajravilasi, ought never be pronounced in public. Yesterday, I overrode that rule in an upload on YT: White Goddess Supremacy. Today, within about 24 hours of the upload, this clip showed up randomly in my YT feed:
Flirtatious Lightening

Flirtatious Lightning doing what Shaktas wish it to do.

Saturday 31st July 2021: JLL with Jeffrey Daugherty on the Legend of the Grail. JLL & Jeffrey: Legend of the Grail

Graal is Old French, Grail in English. “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” More exactly, the pun works like this: san graal, “holy grail,” and sang re’al, “holy blood.” San – sacred, holy. The pun switches the word san to sang, “blood” and makes graal sound like re’al. Hence, sang real, saang ray-aahl. The pun uses the elision of the letter g, adding it to san, san-g, blood, and then drops the g of graal, san-g/raal or re’al. The book identifies the Jesus-Magdalene bloodline with the ancestral lineage of the Merovingian Dynasty of the Dark Ages.

The audio for Reading the Captains Log was not the full audio, now corrected: 15.101 GNE Captain’s Log 1

JLL on yt: White Goddess Supremacy – Ultimate Threat

DWW38 audio synopsis added to:

DWW 38 The Consummation of OUR Work

Dakini Weather Watch Audio Synopses

Friday 30th July 2021: Over the past week, Ceridwen and I have been organizing the units of Vocation 15 The Gaian Navigation Experiment for release here in the sacred groves. Three blocks of units are now on release starting with the introductory block, THE VOYAGE BEGINS. The first block, I CREWING ON THE MOTHER SHIP, present nine units of texts and illustrations and one talk. The last unit in the second block, II STEADY AS SHE GOES, describes the mythemes of the constellation of CETUS, an image of the archontic/ahrimanic monster that threatens this divine experiment. It is dated 27 October 2011, almost ten full years ago. You might think, the ship has sailed, so what is the point of going back to such material as this in the GNE?

Illustration of Jupiter making a retrograde loop in front of the Satanic Head of Cetus. The details show the alignment (longer arrow) to M 31, the Andromeda Galaxy, to the star Al Risha, the star marking the KNOT in the cord that connects the FISHES, or WHALES. It also shows (shorter arrow) the location of the perihelion of Jupiter at 15 Aries in the middle of that constellation. At the beginning of the GNE, March 2011 (Fukushima event), Jupiter stood in its perihelion opposite Saturn in the aphelion of Jupiter in the VIRGIN. “The Correction of the Aeon Sophia happens in the apsides of Jupiter.” From Crew Notes, Steady as She Goes, September 8, 2011.

As I was preparing the third block, III ON THE HIGH SEAS, I randomly selected Nav Briefing #3, dated March 2, 2012. It elaborates on the CETUS theme, “the ultimate threat to the divine experiment on earth.” To my surprize I identified the threat as exactly what is happening today, over eight years later: democide, the deliberate extermination of a population or nation by the State.

During the GNE I often noted that the material, although closely time-factored to celestial events, would continue to be significant in years to come, even after the ship had sailed. Today, I can proudly stand by that assertion. With the GNE, you can’t miss the boat!

Wednesday 28th July 2021: Full staff membership up for grabs! Applicants must possess proficient enough IT capabilities plus time to spare, to create John Lamb Lash channels on platforms such as LBRY/Odyssey etc., etc. You will be required to load everything to the new platforms from JLL/ginny thwaite on yt, we’ll send the MP4s to you. Email

Attention Staff and Visitors: JLL has revised the landing page for Vocation 15 Gaian Navigation Experiment. You are invited to go there to review and refresh your interest in the GNE. Also, for Staff only there is a new block on release: scroll down to II STEADY AS SHE GOES, comprising eight units with one talk. The three blocks of units so far released, THE VOYAGE BEGINS (Introduction), I CREWING ON THE MOTHER SHIP, and II STEADY AS SHE GOES (released today) present all the material of the GNE, including text and illustrations and some talks, prior to the Navigator Briefings which will be released in blocks of selected units over the coming months.

Listen to the Preface of NIHI here: The Once and Future Heresy

Tuesday 27th July 2021: JLL on yt (hurry, this upload got removed by yt on MED channel) The Once and Future Heresy

Monday 26 July 2021: Attention Staff: audio added to DWW 38 for this shift, “When the Advantage Goes to Truth.”

New thread in the Member’s Forum (Treehouse): “How the Sovereign Man Handles Family and Friends” How the Sovereign Man Handles Family and Friends

Sunday 25 July 2021: 15th Anniversary of Not In His Image now available for pre-order at Chelsea Green:

FYI: we are currently still working on the text of the new edition, but the new cover is ready for print. An enormous thank you to Nemeta’s Eliza Beetlevan for all her efforts and dedication!

Friday 23 July 2021DWW 38 The Consummation of OUR Work Staff, note new text and images added: Yamantaka and the Seahorse Instruction. Scroll down.

Wednesday 21 July 2021: All of the spoken versions of the FGS are now published FGS 1.0 The Home Story

Friday 16th July 2021: JLL on yt JLL & Kathleen: The New Age

Monday 12th July 2021: DWW 38 added to Breaking Nous

Sunday 11th July 2021:
Day 1 of the Tantra Mother shift

NOTE: I was one day off in the specifications I originally posted for this lunation. I have corrected the error.

This Stellarium screenshot is not for today the 10th but Monday the 12 sowing the crescent in the CRAB. Upward and to the left at 10 o’clock Venus and Mars almost appear as a single point of light. As that conjunction culminates, Venus and Mars are hovering around the Dhumavati Points, 136-137 ECL. Note the proximity of this event to the aggressive gesture of the roaring lion. Regulus, or Vira, is the large star marking the heart of the LION. Note also that the star Procyon which marks the tip of the Celestial Anchor is visually involved in the tableau.

This event is rather unique among many sunset crescents I’ve observed. I might read it as the signal of a turning-point in the world-drama. Of course, there have been numerous turning points since the inception of the scamdemic in March 2020. I’m guessing that one will be distinct, but how so exactly, I can’t say and I won’t predict. However, I advise you to watch this timetable:

D1 11 July: moon at the head of the TWINS sliding into the CRAB
D 2 12 July: moon visible in the CRAB, the shift goes to Tantra Mother
D3 13 July: moon conjunct Venus and Mars
D 5 14 July: Bastille Day in France
D7, 8 July 17: moon at Spica in the VIRGIN in square aspect to sun in the TWINS : First quarter moon

I have a strong sense about the six-day period from the 11th to the 17th and I am inclined to wonder if this short interval of time might attend or portend a novel event in the world-drama, as noted. How it happens and what exactly happens I don’t know. The important thing is to be vigilant. Also, you might bear in mind that in the Fibonacci Series-based exercise of observing the lunar cycles, the 7th-8th day at the first quarter moon is the moment of definition. The most I care to say is that the events in the world-drama around the covid hoax may take on a different look over these six days. The battle against the insanity of the globalist control-freaks may come into definition in a way not seen before. As if the face and shape of the monster attacking you suddenly changed and looked different. Will that change of look be evident to the world at large, and not only to privileged observers such as Shaktas? I think it might. That being so, the new definition would have to be portended by particular events that cannot be ignored. But it is crucially important to understand that the definitive event or events cannot be something planned and staged by the psychopaths. It has to happen due to forces they do not control.

Whatever the case, the gaslighting of the globalists has now gone beyond insanity. But who knows, perhaps that is the requirement for a trigger event, like the storming of the Bastille. There is no getting around this insanity. The path ahead runs through insanity to beyond it. That is the only way ahead, the only way the world-drama can actually take a sharp turn in the direction of resolution.

Friday 9th July 2021: Calling all Shaktas to a moment of unified observation.

What’s brewing right now: the Venus-Mars conjunction in the evening sky after sunset, in passage through the Dhumavati Points before the gaze and roar of the LION. As they do so, both Mars and Venus pass into the gaze of the LION in proximity to the roaring mouth of the LION. The star of location is lambda Leonis. ECL 137-8, Dhumavati Points.

Oddly, Mars is hard to see and seems particularly remote, as if deferring to Venus. But it is there. And on the 16th the two planets will appear almost as one unit. Follow it by observation if you can, or follow it imaginatively. On the 10th, first day of the Vajrayogini Shift, the moon is close to the head-stars of the TWINS, Castor and Pollux, sliding into the CRAB, the placement that assigns the shift to Tantra Mother: supersaturation. More on that shortly.

The event intensifies constellations in the collective psyche, the endopsyche, starting from this moment, July 9th, when Operation Cyber Polygon is being executed, continuing to the first day of the Tantra Mother shift, Sunday July 11, and continues to hold a strong resonance until it erupts on the 16th. An exceptional five-day interval. This development anticipates the next shift which goes to Bhairavi, Balam, Sekmet. Bhairavi rage is thus the overtone of this shift although Tantra Mother handles the technicalities. It starts to be over when Miss Piggy sings.

One way to attune to the deep flux of celestial-telluric currents of this moment might be to shake your booty. Move your sorry ass. The consummate art of Gaian Tantra is dance. Like every genuine art, it has rigorous parameters.

Bhairavi Bhatiyar translates loosely as “happy in rage.” This morning raga is relatively merciful for the dancer. It builds slowly with time to display the mudras, the hand gestures resembling those of Flamenco, that follow the pluck of the string, while the feet follow the beat of the tabla, the drum. Tantric dance cannot be mastered by deliberation or discipline, although it requires high discipline. In that way it is similar to the ritual of cording which unfolds in total spontaneity, without a preconceived plan. Nevertheless, with each raga there is a complex plan. This is the composition of rage moods and talas, rhythmic patterns carried by the drum. You cannot ever totally follow the plan.

First, trust your feet. Let your torso act like the female tango dancer directed by the male, the movement of your feet. Forget momentarily about the top of your body. Merely let the feet try to track the beats of the table. Dance barefoot and stomp with heel and balance with toe, exactly as happens in Flamenco dance. The toes prance and carry you across the sequence of drum beats, the heel stomps emphatically. Dance it with feet and lower torso only, as many times as you like.

Then go easily for the mudras. At your leisure. As your hands play the strings of the sarod. Don’t try to track the percussive plucking at first, merely wave your hands as if you are groping among the eruptive strains of music, climbing a tree with branches thrashing in a tornado. Keep right and left hands distinct. The left holds the flat palm, parallel to the earth, as if you were using it to measure the heat of a surface. It floats and glides around, feeling the flow of the plucked notes, and gradually the right hand picks up the individual notes by the play of the fingers plucking the notes out of the air. Hold your thumb and forefinger in the shape of a beak, press, then release slowly so there is a slight gap in the beak: this is the technique of thread dancing. The stream of plucked notes flows through the gap in the beak, between forefinger and thumb. This is the technique of subtle inflection of Bagalamukhi, the Crane-Headed Mahavidya.

Test your tension level: Make the beak and press hard, locking thumb and forefinger together as if glued. Look at the three other fingers, how they form three arcs, like three arms of an antenna. Now open the beak ever so slowly and feel the current that trembles in the three-finger antenna. Watch it tremble. You ability to hold this tremble is the measure of your tension.

You cannot dance with this music. No one can. You dance through it as if it were a blasting sheet of hail and rain. Always refer to the feet or go solo with the feet to enter the rush. Elaborate with hand and arm mudras to your satisfaction, as it suits you, as the rush comes on, the pleasure overwhelms you, kundalini rising and melting through your cells. The expanding gestures of lyrical, swan-like motion of arms, magical passes, come to you without your knowing how they do. You reach “the point where it turns,” slide off, and reach it again. You sense how it feels to touch consummation. This happens when the intonation of beats you track with your feet, stomping hard now and then, coincides with the sudden hard emphatic pluck of the sarod. The strings are plucked, not strummed. At moments, precisely at instants not to be anticipated, you hear a distinctive single hard pluck. At that exact moment the feet in apposition to the drum beats catch the streaming rush of the strings and there, right there, you stamp your bare foot hard, one time!

You attain stamping “at the pluck” as you come to know the structure of the particular raga you dance, and they are all different and distinct. For instance, Raga Chandranandan, a unique modern composition created by Ali Akbar Khan:

(Recording qualities of all versions of this raga on YT are inferior and even distorted. For the best quality, see Signature Series, Ali Akbar Khan.)

This raga opens with an uncharacteristic sarod-drum duo: usually the sarod plays solo to launch the raga, to be joined by the drum later. Because the tempo at first is slow and easily cadenced, you can work hand-arm mudras and footwork together, blending and separating them. It is a superb raga for apprentice learning in thread dancing. This approach is as gentle as it gets in this brutal genre.

I first heard this raga in a record store on West 4th Street in Greenwich village in the late summer of 1963. I began to dance it around twenty years later and have not ever stopped. Since then, I have danced it hundreds of times.

The opening beats and cadence of the footwork make it easy to engage. As I say, it is a superb raga for apprentices. (By contrast, say, to ragas like Gauri Majari which will dislocate your joints and shred your flesh to ribbons.) Both the hard-hit beats of the tabla and the sudden savage plucks of the sarod, which converse brilliantly, provide something like guidance, shifting launch-points where you depart and return again. The intense high-tone riffs of the strings that break off suddenly in hard plucks entrain your hand and arm gestures into the flow of ecstatic streaming, then release you. Listen closely to how those riffs shear off in three emphatic plucks. Shear: to tear or divine in a severe manner. You cut fabric, you shear metal. Listen over and over if you have to, so that you catch that precise detail of the raga. That shearing three-note riff signals when you stamp hard on your bare foot and the tabla instantly matches your force. Then you are on the raga for life. Preferably dancing on tiles or terracotta. The sound of your foot stamping is like the snap of a leather whip. This practice may be called kinesthetic trance.

Listen in Raga Chandranandan for the three-note refrain that invites you again and again to enter the tantric current. It is neither within you nor without you. It is between you and the Supernatural and lures you there by the rush of ecstasy. It puts the Supernatural into your moving body in ways that elude your detection of how it gets there.

Of course, the pace increases. It draws you to the surrender of dying within it. You would not care if you did die then and there. (This is also how you feel, how everyone feels, in the presence of the Organic Light.) The frantic, ferocious velocity of the plucked notes tears into you. As Lorca said, “The Duende works on the body of the dancer like the wind works on sand.” It tears though you and as it passes it turns around to deliver tender kisses so exquisite and fleeting that you want to devote the rest of your life to recalling them, invoking the sweet memory of surrender. The notes begin to cover your body in sweat and the drops of sweat become those notes. And just when the Dancer and the Dance seem to merge into one….

At 18m 45s the Duende comes to take you out. Tabla and sarod break off into alternating solo passages, conversing back and forth like toca and canto in Flamenco, the guitarist following the singer. At this point you realize that the excruciating technique is the only way to bear the rush: you stomp the drum beats wildly yet with no movement of upper torso, arms or hands. Then in a micro-second you switch, let the mudras fly while the sarod plays solo, and you are standing still, upper torso in total frenzy but without moving your feet. Using the beak of the Crane to pluck the notes out of the air.

I might have danced this raga fifty times before I could even get close to mastery of this technique: the tango of two partners, the upper and lower torso.

I emphasize caution: This exercise is not for the faint of heart. If you have any issues with balance, blood pressure, nervous discomfort, bone fragility, back problems, muscular difficulties, heart and circulation or respiration concerns (asthma), don’t even think of trying. Over the years, I have found it helpful to have a solid mattress on the floor offside where you are dancing, a place where you can hurl yourself down without fear of harm and re-catch your breath. And drink water or the booze of your preference in full awareness that alcohol dehydrates. Slightly drunk, ragas can be danced, but otherwise there is a serious risk of hurting yourself. Thread dancing is like an extreme sport.

More on the Venus-Mars conjunction to follow….

Thursday 8th July 2021: Thanks to all for responding to the last-minute survey. The conference with my publisher went exceptionally well. They opted to go with the choice of the author and so “The eyes have it,” and the gaze of the Wisdom Goddess will be retained in the final, ready-for-release cover of the book. Watch my YT channels for relevant talks and updates going to the publication date on September 18, the third anniversary of Nemeta.

DWW37 audio synopses added Dakini Weather Watch Audio Synopses

Wednesday 7th July 2021: The Triple Bind of Idris, audio added to DWW 37. And, all audio synopses we have have been added as attachments to the relevant DWW units.

Sunday 4th July 2021: JLL on yt PSA III Ultimate Victory over the Coviet Regime

The Nine Loves of the Anthropos

Thursday 1st July 2021: JLL on yt PSA II Dispelling the Curse of the Alien Authorities

Wednesday 30th June 2021: Episode 5 of The Fallen Goddess audio published Episode Five of The Fallen Goddess Scenario: “Impact Zone”

JLL on yt PSA I The Wrath of the Demented Father God

Monday 28th June 2021: Latest ClassZoom on Breaking Nous ClassZooms 2021

June 2021 School Activity now archived to The Menhir’s curriculum units: The Menhir June 2021


The Home Story (FGS)

For the Fallen Goddess Scenario (FGS) free online course in 9 episodes go here:


Dog Zen



Introduction to The Menhir, Continued:

Notifications sent out via the Mailing List to both Members and Subscribers will also inform you of these ongoing activities. This page mirrors those periodic announcements by email and in some cases alerts you to new content, be it talk or text, that gets omitted from the announcements due to the rapidity and fluidity of John’s ongoing efforts to amplify the curricula, refine and reframe the content, and provide clear and “simplific” direction for your studies.

Announcements at the Menhir consistently track progressing content throughout the School and in 16. Planetary Tantra, free to all. It will also signal content on 18. Breaking Nous, and 17. The Terma and the Terton, available to Members only.

The sacred groves where the Mysteries were originally performed were sanctuaries of natural beauty where rocks and mineral formations were carefully observed. There might be a special rock at the boundary of the sanctuary, as there was a “stepping stone” on Infinity Ridge:

There it was a flat stone (barely visible in this photo) on the left at the base of the wild olive standing offside the welcome grove. When you stepped on it you formally entered the ritual space of the Ridge, then proceeding through the gracious arboreal corridor to the Devi Tree. (Sierra del Hacho, Andalucia. Sierra de Libar to the right, northwest)

In many cases, sacred stone markers were erected in the wild sanctuaries. A single standing stone was called a menhir (Brythonic maen, “stone” and hir, “long”). An arresting geomagnetic marker in the force field of the nemeton, the menhir had acoustic properties as well. Touching it, you could hear differently. Sitting in contact with it would deepen the shaman’s reach into the Nagual. It also served as a geodetic marker for placing the local site in the setting of seasonal cycles, aligned to the solstices and equinoxes, the cross-quarter days, and the rising and setting of prominent stars. Hence, it was a multi-purpose tool of orientation.

It is advisable to check the Menhir for orientation on Nemeta from time to time. Below you will find entries listed in reverse chronological order, most recent at top for easy access. This list will grow and morph in the course of each month. At the completion of each month, the activity recorded will be archived in the curriculum panel: “ARCHIVES”

One final word: I do wish to keep Nemeta supplied with occasional fresh input, additional to what it requires of me to maintain the burgeoning structure, the ongoing organization of the Blocks, editing, revision, etc. But I can only do what I can do, and as it pleases me… Time is at premium for me now and I have undertaken a writing project, the consummation of my life’s work and the closing revelation of my mystic journey.

Teach as you learn

– jll Autumn Equinox 2018


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