The Menhir is the current events/update page for Nemeta—like a campus bulletin board you find in the “student union” building. Entries posted in reverse chronological order can be found with most recent at the top for fast access.

The Menhir

The Menhir is the unique page in Nemeta that tracks and displays the ongoing activities of the School. Here you find the announcement of updates on newly added material, completed Blocks, Dakini Weather Watch (Who is on Shift), revisions, talks and texts in progress, proposals of projects, events and meet-ups, and more. This introduction continues below the updates.



Coming Friday April 23, 10 – 12 PM Central Time USA (5 – 7 AM Saturday 23, Madrid time) on Late Night in the Heartland with Jeffrey Daugherty. First of a series of weekly conversations with JLL. Illustration: The Murder of Hypatia in March 415, Alexandria.


Tuesday 4th May 2012: Talk added to DWW 35: Crypto and Sovereign Company

Staff and visitors note: Our server is in Iceland. So far I personally have heard no observers on the ground sounding the alarm for the capital city Reykjavik, but it may well be the case. Some experts indicate that the eruptions may continue for 200 years — to the end of the Kalpa. I don’t anticipate a problem but it is plausible that the capital may eventually face a serious threat. If that happens, you would certainly know about it via international news, and if Nemeta is suddenly off line, you will know. We have back-up plans including use of another server.

The short vid shows two fiery plumes visible from what may be the capital city. Look closely at the formations in the second plume and see what kind of figures or features you can detect.


Sunday May 2nd 2021: JLL on yt JMK The First Cut Is The Deepest

Exclusive to Staff, Second talk on Spring Cleaning in the Sacred Groves


Saturday May 1st 2021: Here is the illustration from the illuminated ms. that I described in the Friday night talk with Jeffrey Daugherty

Cameo of “Jesus” and Magdalen dancing in the Paris Eadwine Psalter.

The number of Eight (Mystery Cell) singest praise with us.
The number Twelve of Pleromic Aeons danceth on high.
The whole cosmos, above and below, turns in our dancing.
Whoever does not enter the dance, does not know what is happening.

The Round Dance Hymn in the Acts of John

The title of the book on developmental psychology: The Interpersonal World of the Infant by Daniel N. Stern (Basic Books, 1985).


Friday 30th April 2021: Progress with spring cleaning in Course 4 Gnosis Today. Note that Highlights and Previews presents orientation material including the foundation essay on Origins of the Gnostic Movement. I am using this Course to release the Commentaries on the Nag Hammadi Library (NHL, or NHC, Nag Hammadi Codices). I have divided this material, which is dense, into three BLOCKS of five texts (T) each: 102 = 1-5, 103 = 6 – 12, and 104 = 13 – 17. If you wish to make the best of these original and unprecedented commentaries, you would do well to print out the BLOCKS and read them. Notice I have jumped ahead to T 13 in BLOCK 104. From now on I will load them in order.

Note also I have added A Gnostic Catechism in 101 Orientation. This is an exceptional study of how Gnostics handled encounters with Archons, such as “abductions.”


Wednesday 29th April 2021: Consistent with ongoing talks with Jeffrey Daugherty, you will find the unit in Course 6: Mystic Jesus: Hanged Man and Dancer. This completes BLOCK 6.102, Looking at MM. The symbol § denotes a completed BLOCK, with nothing more to be added.

As spring cleaning proceeds, I am constructing BLOCK 104 in 9 Biomysticism dedicated to the Paris Eadwine Psalter. Note that Mystic Jesus in Course 6 has been borrowed from the Paris Eadwine studies. This option of organization of units exemplifies the issue that often arises regarding cross-referencing of content. Mystic Jesus could as well be in Course 6 Biomysticism with the rest of the units on the Eadwine Psalter. It is often tricky to make choices in distribution of content, Course by Course. Due to the interweaving of the themes and topics, of course! Doing so at the moment, I have rearranged the BLOCKS in Course 9 so there will now be four, anticipating the goal of four BLOCKS in each Course for the 4th year starting in September 2021.

As I make these arrangements in the BLOCKS and add new units, I have to work on three screens simultaneously as I would be lost constantly swiping across one screen and easily losing track of what I am looking at. Ideally, I need four screens to do this, as if shuffling four decks of cards at once. As I perform this shuffle, I am also attempting to bring uniformity into the numeration of the units as explained in the spring cleaning talk. It’s the most tedious part of the task. To compensate for the awkwardness of lacking a fourth screen to cross-check and co-ordinate the edits I have to make in the process of compilation, I rely on a hard-copy printout of BLOCKS and units in each Course. So that document sits at my left hand as I proceed. I would be lost without it.

Additional to the new BLOCK 104 The Paris Eadwine Psalter in Course 9, I have constructed BLOCK 103 Noetics and Animism from some units already posted there. If you have bookmarked units, you might find they do not come up as before due to being renumbered. In that case, search the title of the unit with Q on the home page and it will appear.

RESULTS of spring cleaning to date:

  • Mystic Jesus in Course 6 Living Myth BLOCK 102. Released in coordination with ongoing talks with Jeffrey Daugherty on Gnostic heresy.
  • BLOCK 104 on the Paris Eadwine Psalter in Course 9 Biomysticism, four units, I wrote this material in 2007 – 2008 after visiting the National Library in Paris to examine the Latin MS in microfilm.
  • Reorganization of units in 9 Biomysticism, adding BLOCK 103 Noetics and Animism

NOTE: I am not providing internal links. You only have to go to the Courses indicated and find the units in the curriculum panel below.


April 2021 School Activity now archived to The Menhir’s curriculum units:The Menhir April 2021




The Home Story (FGS)

For the Fallen Goddess Scenario (FGS) free online course in 9 episodes go here:



Dog Zen




Introduction to The Menhir, Continued:

Notifications sent out via the Mailing List to both Members and Subscribers will also inform you of these ongoing activities. This page mirrors those periodic announcements by email and in some cases alerts you to new content, be it talk or text, that gets omitted from the announcements due to the rapidity and fluidity of John’s ongoing efforts to amplify the curricula, refine and reframe the content, and provide clear and “simplific” direction for your studies.

Announcements at the Menhir consistently track progressing content throughout the School and in 16. Planetary Tantra, free to all. It will also signal content on 18. Breaking Nous, and 17. The Terma and the Terton, available to Members only.

The sacred groves where the Mysteries were originally performed were sanctuaries of natural beauty where rocks and mineral formations were carefully observed. There might be a special rock at the boundary of the sanctuary, as there was a “stepping stone” on Infinity Ridge:

There it was a flat stone (barely visible in this photo) on the left at the base of the wild olive standing offside the welcome grove. When you stepped on it you formally entered the ritual space of the Ridge, then proceeding through the gracious arboreal corridor to the Devi Tree. (Sierra del Hacho, Andalucia. Sierra de Libar to the right, northwest)

In many cases, sacred stone markers were erected in the wild sanctuaries. A single standing stone was called a menhir (Brythonic maen, “stone” and hir, “long”). An arresting geomagnetic marker in the force field of the nemeton, the menhir had acoustic properties as well. Touching it, you could hear differently. Sitting in contact with it would deepen the shaman’s reach into the Nagual. It also served as a geodetic marker for placing the local site in the setting of seasonal cycles, aligned to the solstices and equinoxes, the cross-quarter days, and the rising and setting of prominent stars. Hence, it was a multi-purpose tool of orientation.

It is advisable to check the Menhir for orientation on Nemeta from time to time. Below you will find entries listed in reverse chronological order, most recent at top for easy access. This list will grow and morph in the course of each month. At the completion of each month, the activity recorded will be archived in the curriculum panel: “ARCHIVES”

One final word: I do wish to keep Nemeta supplied with occasional fresh input, additional to what it requires of me to maintain the burgeoning structure, the ongoing organization of the Blocks, editing, revision, etc. But I can only do what I can do, and as it pleases me… Time is at premium for me now and I have undertaken a writing project, the consummation of my life’s work and the closing revelation of my mystic journey.

Teach as you learn

– jll Autumn Equinox 2018


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