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The Menhir

The Menhir is the unique page in Nemeta that tracks and displays the ongoing activities of the School. Here you find the announcement of updates on newly added material, completed Blocks, Dakini Weather Watch (Who’s on shift), revisions, talks and texts in progress, proposals of projects, events and meet-ups, and more.

Notifications sent out via the Mailing List to both Members and Subscribers will also inform you of these ongoing activities. This page mirrors those periodic announcements by email and in some cases alerts you to new content, be it talk or text, that gets omitted from the announcements due to the rapidity and fluidity of John’s ongoing efforts to amplify the curricula, refine and reframe the content, and provide clear and “simplific” direction for your studies.

Announcements at the Menhir consistently track progressing content throughout the School and in 16. Planetary Tantra, free to all. It will also signal content on 18. Breaking Nous, and 18. The Terma and the Terton, available to Members only.

The sacred groves where the Mysteries were originally performed were sanctuaries of natural beauty where rocks and mineral formations were carefully observed. There might be a special rock at the boundary of the sanctuary, as there was a “stepping stone” on Infinity Ridge:

There it was a flat stone (barely visible in this photo) on the left at the base of the wild olive standing offside the welcome grove. When you stepped on it you formally entered the ritual space of the Ridge, then proceeding through the gracious arboreal corridor to the Devi Tree. (Sierra del Hacho, Andalucia. Sierra de Libar to the right, northwest)

In many cases, sacred stone markers were erected in the wild sanctuaries. A single standing stone was called a menhir (Brythonic maen, “stone” and hir, “long”).  An arresting geomagnetic marker in the force field of the nemeton, the menhir had acoustic properties as well. Touching it, you could hear differently. Sitting in contact with it would deepen the shaman’s reach into the Nagual. It also served as a geodetic marker for placing the local site in the setting of seasonal cycles, aligned to the solstices and equinoxes, the cross-quarter days, and the rising and setting of prominent stars. Hence, it was a multi-purpose tool of orientation.

It is advisable to check the Menhir for orientation on Nemeta from time to time. Below the line you will find a bullet point list of activities with locations in the School indicated by the usual notation. This list will grow and morph in the course of each month. At the completion of each month, the activity recorded will be archived in the curriculum panel: “ARCHIVES”

One final word: I do wish to keep Nemeta supplied with occasional fresh input, additional to what it requires of me to maintain the burgeoning structure, the ongoing organization of the Blocks, editing, revision, etc. But I can only do what I can do, and as it pleases me… Time is at premium for me now and I have undertaken a writing project, the consummation of my life’s work and the closing revelation of my mystic journey.  I can perhaps release a DWW (Dakini Weather Watch) report every 20 days or so, and dedicate, say, 6 hours a week, to new and current content on Nemeta. So no big promises from the Maine terton.

Teach as you learn.

– jll Autumn Equinox 2018

OCT 5 – 7: Planetary Tantra event at Skeppsudden, Sweden. Organized by Daniel, Asa and Petri. JLL is proud to announce a weekend event for the gathering of his Nordic team, including participants from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Russia.

Forthcoming: In the great hall 16 JLL will post a policy statement about PT events and how they are to be set up and managed, according to his wishes. “Planetary Tantra is free.” That is true: no one can charge for teaching PT, but this rule needs some clarification. JLL will present his preferences and protocols for such events, including his advice on the issue of the financial structure appropriate for PT gatherings. 

OCT 7: Venus turns retrograde, the first moment of the cycle when she passes between earth and sun — inferior conjunction. In response to a comment on a channel discussing “mother goddess” archetypes, JLL posted a description of the cycle which you are invited to observe, given you have the right skyviewing conditions. It lasts 52 days from October 6 to November 26.

The YT channel is Arith Harger. The comment to which I responded is:

This is amazingly weird timing, Arith.. venus in scorpio has just started her retrograde yesterday and you and varg both just put out videos about women and things related to scorpio!! Danke sipping my tea in pure delight at the topic of this vid and the perfect timing of everything

My response was:

I have taught naked eye skywatching for about 45 years, and also practiced tropical astrology. Those who take an interest in events such as the retrograde cycle of venus that kicked off on Oct 6 (location: 11 degrees of the sign Scorpio), if they limit themselves to the astrological framework, will tend to ignore or overlook the real-sky situation which can be observed — that is, the placement of venus against the background of the visible constellations.
Marsy at Sea Level and others might take a moment to see what venus actually does in the sky, how she moves and where she is located at the moment of turning retrograde. And then continue that observation into early November when venus appears as the morning star rising just before the sun, but still retrograding until November 26. Those who study my work routinely observe what actually happens in the sky to be interactive with the celestial dynamics. In other words, they read the celestial omens by looking at them unfold.
Doing so, you would see that the sign Scorpio is not a key factor in this cycle. Rather, look at where venus actually stands at SR (the moment of station, during retrograde) and then at SD (the moment of station, turning direct). You might be amazed at what you see. Use stellarium for instance.
The fact is, while venus in Scorpio may be subject to all kinds of astrological interpretations, the actual visible omen of venus is more eloquent and relates profoundly to the theme of mother goddesses. The background of this retrograde cycle lasting about 52 days is the constellation of the VIRGIN: that is the actual star pattern you can observe, not the invisible Sign. The star pattern of VIRGIN (called Virgo by astronomers who dissociate the Latin name from astrology) is the largest of the entire ecliptic zodiac. That is, the dominant massive archetype of the Divine Mother, who may be called Isis-Sophia, and other names. Figure it.
At SD venus stands close to the star Kambhalia at the hem of the flowing garment of the VIRGIN. That is the limit of the composite stars of the VIRGIN, bordering on the next constellation, the BALANCE or SCALES. Then it disappears as the planet makes it passage before the sun (inferior conjunction). In november it appears in the dawn sky as Venus Lucifer, still in retrograde motion. At that moment it will be observable very close to the bright star that marks the sheaf of wheat in the left hand of the VIRGIN, Spica. This proximity of planet to star is emphasized by the perfect alignment to another star, Arcturus (24 Libra in the Sign frame).
Caveat: astrologers do not actually observe the sky. If you do observe it, you can read these observable events as a powerful omen of the awakening of the male warrior spirit (signaled by Arcturus in the constellation of Bootes/BRAVEHEART) due to the revival of human devotion to the Earth Goddess. All warriors are dedicated to the primordial Mother Goddess, as I explain in my book The Hero – Manhood and Power. – John Lash
§ OCT 13: I note that both comments have been removed from the channel.


NOTE: Items indicated here are either currently posted on Nemeta or are due to be posted in the immediate future.


Friday Oct 5: IN 18 text and talk 18.0 Real-Time Sky Mantique published in Breaking Nous

Wednesday OCT 10: Day 1 of new shift. Crescent moon in SCALES or BALANCE. Devata: Visvamata or BodhiMa. Weather Report in progress (Two days lost due to internet problem in Belgium.)

Saturday OCT 13: in 18 Breaking Nous for members. First installment of Dakini Weather Watch posted. Text only, AUDio to follow on Sunday the 14th.

Sunday OCT 14: Reflections on the Romantic theme/meme, “the education of the human race.” I find myself revisiting a talk posted on YT back in April, Introducing MOMMIE. Be assured, I don’t often relisten to talks I’ve done and some I tend to forget entirely, but occasionally I do so as an exercise in sustaining continuity. As I can’t find the mp3 to load this talk here I am making the exception of linking it with a URL that takes you to Mandela Effect Decoded. Note that I have removed most of the material on that channel, leaving only about eight talks.

Picking up this talk right now, I note that it opens with some elementary definitions of gnosis which you may find instructive. Such cogent propositions cannot be repeated often enough, perhaps — so says the dude who dislikes repeating himself. I find that today, some six months after doing this talk, as I am preparing Block 101 of course 6 Living Myth, the exposition reprises that theme, the education of the human race, and attempts to show its relevance at this moment. Indeed, I want to show that it is a core theme of Correction and a kind of testing factor for participation in the Superlearning Event.

On several occasions over the years I have associated this theme with the German philosopher Johann Gottfried von Herder (1744 – 1603), as if he were the author of the treatise of that name. Actually, the author is another German lumanity of the Romantic movement, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729 – 81), who was an elder to vonHerder. You can easily find Lessing’s treatise in full on various sites on the Net. It consists of 100 short paragraphs and some single line entries. Just glancing over it, you can see that Lessings concept of our species’ education is totally polluted by the Xenosh narrative . Typical of many others in that day and age, Lessing takes the Jewish people on their claim to be the Chosen People, and elevates their religious mission to the role of guiding paradigm for humanity as a whole.

Lessing’s propositional treatise proves my point that the Romantics were unable to break out of  Judaeo-Christian brainwashing. So they failed in their quest to apply the mythmaking powers of imagination — which they universally regarded as a divine capacity — to guide humanity. They did not produce a directive myth. I tend to cite von Herder rather than Lessing, even though the meme, “education of the human race,” was introduced by the latter in the title of his treatise  — I do so because Herder got closer to the solution of how a guiding myth could be generated free of the semitic implant, as did Schelling and a couple of other German Romantics.

These individuals, their achievements, aspirations and failures, ansd the lessons to be garnered from their failure, belong to the material of Course 6 Living Myth, exclusive to members. I am offering this short exposition with the link to the April 2018 talk for general access so that those of you who come to the campus of the Sophianic School to wander in the free zone may know something about what”s being discussed in the member-only classrooms.

In particular, I invite you to consider the remarks on what it means to be engaged with Sophia’s Correction. After all, if you are attracted to “living myth,” wouldn’t the FGS be the myth of choice to those who recognize its unique status. As for any other myths that one might attempt to live today, right here, right now, well, good luck.

“The moon is the teacher of the Superlearning Event… The moon is at your service in this practice (PT).”

In reviewing this talk, I see that it serves as a kind of progress report on Sophia’s Correction. It contains numerous comments about Nemeta that are pertinent to everyone who visits this school. You may find it appropriate to listen up only to minute 34, when I switch to the topic of entrainment.

Tuesday OCT 16: Referencing a trending issue on the Internet, the NPC or non-player character (a term from gaming), I am making an exception here by linking to an exposition of the concept:

This is one clip I’ve chosen from a dozen or so which I find to be instructive. I strongly advise all students to get familiar and current with this meme. Note that the articles cited date from 2008, year of the Terma, and 2011, the year Reset began.

As I intend to explain in several upcoming talks, I regard the NPC “non-player character” to be a vivid and precise representation of the “spectral form” (phasmata) described in Gnostic cosmological texts: that is, a seemingly human person with no agency and no internality, no inner life or inner monologue; in cnosequence, someone who can only repeats banal phrases and  slogans they have picked up externally.

The graphic for the NCP (seen below) is propagating wildly on the Internet.

The gnostic text (On the Origin of the World) says that at the moment these spectral forms arise in the world and come to be seen for what they, the work of the archons will be at its consummation, and also, at that very moment, the luminous child (Anthropos/Rhome) will arise and defeat the archontic powers and destroy all their works so that it will be as if those works have never been. Those who followed my treatment of the Mandela Effect will recall that I interpreted this phrase as a gnostic trope indicating an effect that typifies the ME: “I don’t remember it as ever having been that way.”

I expect this meme to gather power — linked as it is to the master theme of release from pretending — and gain currency among intelligent gentiles. That being so,  this would be the moment to clarify my assertion that the overthrow of archontic illusion in a world populated by spectral forms is a gnostic trope. So consider this line of reflection:

If the world becomes a better place in Sophia’s Correction, with events in the social order improving due to the advantage given to truth, does that mean that when you find yourself living in that corrected world, you will not be conscious of it ever having been otherwise? In other words, never having been corrupt due to manipulation by lies and deceit. Imagine waking up one day in a world where truth prevails, there is no corruption in government, the financial system is fair, etc, and you can’t recall it ever havin been otherwise. That experience would be the equivalent of a Mandela Effect, exhibint a mnemonic anomaly.

Well, I am not proposing that such a blessed oblivion will occur. Howerver — and I may have said this already — I regard oblivion to how the world was before it changed in Correction, to be an option: that is, you can live free of the memory of the trauma and suffering atteneding its previous corrupt state. You can live AS IF it has never been that way. But also, it is crucial for the future that some human animals undertake the commitment to remember when evil prevailed, and how it did so. Holding to that memory is also part of the human role in Correction.




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