Logging In

Q. How do I know if I am logged in to Nemeta?

A. Your Nemeta username will be visible on the top right-hand corner of each page of the site. You will not be able to access any of the units (lessons) within the site unless you are logged in.

Q. I cannot see where to login.

A. On the top right hand corner of the homepage click on “Login.”

Q. I have forgotten my password. When I try to reset it, I’m presented with a page that doesn’t allow me to reset my password.

A. A glitch in the site is creating this problem. Simply write to admin, stating your user account name and we will reset it for you, giving you a temporary password which you will be able to change once you are back in to your user account.


We have found that most issues are correlated with browsers. We recommend using Firefox (or Chrome) to access Nemeta.

Q. I am not able to access the material in the courses.

A. Ensure you are logged into the site first. There are two routes to access the course units after you have clicked on the START COURSE button:

  • Via the Curriculum: Scroll to the “course curriculum” at the bottom of each course landing page and click on the units there
  • Via Start Course/Continue Course: To begin the course click on the START COURSE button on each landing page, using the CONTINUE COURSE button when returning to the course

Q. Why am I not able to access links to new material in Nemeta, provided in emails from The Maine Terton?

A. You need to be LOGGED IN already or the links will not work for you.

Q. I am having problems with some of the courses. I see the site very dimly, while the blue wheel in the middle is spinning, and I can’t read the text.

A. This has been happening for people who use the Internet Explorer (or Edge, i.e. Microsoft) browser. Using a different browser will remedy this problem.

Q. What does “course under evaluation” mean, and why can’t I get to the material now?

A. This happens when a student uses the facility to mark a unit as COMPLETED. Admin checks for any students who have courses under evaluation and resets them daily. Please contact admin if you have a course under evaluation that has not been reset.

Q. How can I avoid making my courses under evaluation?

A. To prevent this, keep a personal (manual) record of the units and courses you have completed instead of using the COMPLETED buttons on each page. Or, access the units of each course by using the second route mentioned above, then scroll to the COURSE CURRICULUM at the bottom of each course landing page and click on the units there.

Q. Why can’t I see items in Breaking Nous?

A. Only full members have access to Breaking Nous.

Q. Why do some units show as “private?”

A. This means they are not ready for publication or the material is being revised by JLL.

Q. How do I get out of a course once I am in the course?

A. Scroll down the units showed in the lefthand table, and click on the BACK TO COURSE button.

Q. How do I locate the new material from JLL?

A. Go the school notice board, The Menhir. On the landing page of that section you will find the material that is current listed by month. All other updates are archived in the curriculum of The Menhir; enroll in that course by clicking on the “start course” blue button. Access the archives through the units – for example, The Menhir October 2018, The Menhir November 2018, and so on.

Q. The internal links in The Menhir will not give me access.

A. Recommended process:

  1. Log out of the school
  2. Clear your browser cache
  3. Log back in to the school and try to access the links again; they should now work

Q. How do I contact Nemeta admin?

A. The admin email address ceridwen@metahistory.org can be found on the MEMBERSHIP page.

Q. My paid membership expired and now I seem to have lost access to the Planetary Tantra course and the PT Forum. How can I get my access restored?

A. After expiry of your paid membership, you must again enroll in the Planetary Tantra course and you must again subscribe to the PT Forum in order to have access to it.

Q. I just renewed my faculty membership and I cannot access units; I get “no direct access to units” message.

A. If your paid membership expired you will need to enroll on all the courses again after renewal. When your membership expires, the system discards its records of your previous activity. To avoid this issue, best practice is to arrange for renewal shortly before the expiration.

Q. I am a Visitor to Nemeta. When I view the landing pages of all the courses, I have the option to “Take This Course” but I cannot take the course, I get sent to the support page. Does my subscription to Nemeta allow me to take all the courses?

A. A subscription to Nemeta only allows you access to the material in Visitors and Planetary Tantra. All the other material is behind the faculty members’ paywall.

My Account

Q. I don’t have a Paypal account, or don’t want to use Paypal. Is there another option to make a donation for membership?

A. We are investigating other payment systems. If you don’t want to use Paypal, contact admin ceridwen@metahistory.org which can be found on the MEMBERSHIP page.

Q. How do I access my account?

A. There are two ways to access your account: The MEMBERSHIP blue button on the homepage or via the TREEHOUSE dropdown menu via its MEMBERSHIP option. On the membership page, scroll down and below the table of membership levels, you will see a RETURN TO YOUR ACCOUNT link in blue text; clicking on that link will take you to your personal account details.

Q. How do I check when my paid membership will expire?

A. Go your account information displayed in the MEMBERSHIP page and click on RETURN TO YOUR ACCOUNT to view post-dated invoices.

Q. How can I message another user?

A. Recommended process:

  1. If you know the individual’s username, you can navigate to https://nemeta.org/members-area/members/username/ (replacing “username” with the person’s username); otherwise, find one of his/her forum posts or responses and click on the username shown on the left; either way, you’ll be visiting the user’s profile
  2. Look for a postal envelope icon under the individual’s username in her/his profile; clicking on that should open the message dialog with the user’s name in the address line
  3. Write your message and send it

Q. How can I request friendship with another user?

A. Recommended process:

  1. If you know the individual’s username, you can navigate to https://nemeta.org/members-area/members/username/ (replacing “username” with the person’s username); otherwise, find one of his/her forum posts or responses and click on the username shown on the left; either way, you’ll be visiting the user’s profile
  2. Directly below the person’s name, you’ll see a small icon featuring a head-and-shoulders glyph (tiny symbol)
  3. If you haven’t sent them a friend request, there will be a “+” to the right of the head-and-shoulders glyph and you can send them a request by clicking the icon; the other person can then accept or decline your request
  4. (For completeness:) If you have sent them a friend request and they haven’t responded, the head-and-shoulders glyph will appear without a “+” or “-” and you can cancel your request by clicking the icon
  5. (Also for completeness:) If you’re friends with the person, there will be a “-” to the right of the head-and-shoulders glyph and you can unfriend them by clicking the icon

Q. How can I find my Username to give it to other users so they can message me or request friendship with me?

A. Recommended process:

  1. Hover your mouse cursor over the text, “Howdy, [Your Name]” at the upper right (in any page)
  2. The dropdown that appears will show, from the top down, your profile photo, your name as given in your profile, and your Username.


Q. I am having problems printing the pages. I can print the first part of a unit but cannot print the rest.

A. Try using the PDF option. There is also the PrintFriendly browser extension, which may work for you (and could even be useful with other Websites). See also the following question and answer.

Q. When I try to print, or convert to PDF, a page that has many italicized phrases, the software that processes the page collects all the italicized phrases together at the beginning of a paragraph, garbling the text (or I have another similar problem…).

A. The PrintFriendly software that manages this function is from a third-party source, and may not be free of bugs. Notify the Nemeta admin and we will contact them to describe the problem and it’s to be hoped that they can and will fix it ASAP.

To immediately address your problem, however, consider an alternative approach, such as those described in this article (or whatever others you can find by searching the Internet): How to Convert a Webpage to PDF. Note that it’s straightforward to print a PDF file (in general – not specific to Nemeta in any way), and that Web pages can be printed directly from any of the more popular Web browsers.


Q. How do I get into the members forum?

A. On the homepage, or a course page, click on the top bar menu TREEHOUSE button. The dropdown menu will show MEMBER FORUM. Click on that option. Then you will need to register to use the forum by clicking on the link in green titled REGISTER. Once you’ve registered, use the CLICK HERE TO ENTER green text (link) beneath the image of the two horses.

Q. How do I get into the PT Forum?

A. Select PLANETARY TANTRA on the menu options at the top of each page of Nemeta. Click on PT FORUM in the dropdown menu. Then you will need to SUBSCRIBE to use the forum. If you do not see the option to subscribe, contact admin ceridwen@nemeta.org

Q. How do I delete a comment I made in a forum?

A. Click on your profile picture/name which takes you to your user account dashboard. Click on “activity” and your school activity will be visible, including your forum comments, which have a delete function.

Q. Why is my comment in the forum displaying HTML, making it unreadable?

A. This happens when you copy and paste text into Nemeta from a source that contains HTML tags. If it happens to you, please go to the extra trouble of fixing it. You can do so by following the simple steps:

  1. Edit your Nemeta post
  2. Select and copy the section of text that contains the HTML tags (“problematic text”)
  3. Paste the problematic text into a plain text editor on your computer (bad example: Notepad in Windows; other free options are available online for Windows or Mac) that will discard the HTML tags
  4. Select all the text as it appears in the plain text editor and copy it
  5. Select all the problematic text in your Nemeta post (if it’s not still selected from step 2) and replace it with the “cleaned” text (paste the text now in your clipboard over the selected text); at this point the text should contain NO HTML tags
  6. Again Save your Nemeta post

Q. Where have my forum posts gone? I can’t find them….

A. Go to your user dashboard by clicking on your profile name/picture, then click on the ACTIVITY tab. (See also the following FAQ if you are still having an issue after doing this.)

Q. I started a thread in a forum but it does not show.

A. Please contact admin to alert them and they can publish it. In such a case, the thread will have been shunted into the SPAM category, and its display suppressed, via an automatic, algorithmic feature of the forums software, and human judgment is required to redeem it.

Q. How can I include an image in a post or reply in the forums? (I try to share an image on my hard drive and it doesn’t work.)

A. The image you want to share has to be on the Web somewhere, such that you can get a Web link to it. The recommended way to ensure that this will work for you, and that you (not some third party) have control over the image’s existence at a given Web address, is to first sign up for a free cloud storage account that will let you share a file publicly and—this is key—view it in a browser without downloading it.

  • Microsoft’s OneDrive does not appear to facilitate this, try as one may to get it to work; if anyone succeeds with OneDrive, feel free to explain how you did it in an email and we’ll add the instructions here
  • With DropBox, you can do it as described in this article: Using Dropbox to Host Images on your Website
  • There are good alternatives to the aforementioned storage options, such as a free pCloud account; with pCloud, once you’re set up with an account and the pCloud sync app on your computer:
    > Right-click the image file you want to share (on your hard drive – just be sure the file is sync’ed to cloud storage) and select Share | Copy Download Link
    > Paste the download link into the browser to view the image online
    > Right-click the image in the browser and select View Image, which will get you the image displayed on a black background in the browser
    > Copy the image address, which will start with “https://api.pcloud.com/getpubthumb” and use that link to the image, as described below
  • A final option, recommended for anyone who has a blog or a large Website (such as Nemeta?) is to sign up for a free CDN (content delivery network) account, which you can research online if interested, and follow the platform-specific instructions for publicizing your images and whatever else you add to your CDN

By whatever means you get a link to the online copy of your image, when you are editing your post or reply, click on the image icon at the far right of the toolbar above the content you are creating, and use your image link (which you should have copied to the clipboard; just paste it into the field) as the image Source; you can also add a Description; in most cases, it’s best to let the editor use the default Dimensions (don’t put anything in the height and width fields, and leave the Constrain proportions option checked). Reference the screenshot below.

Q. When I post a link to Bitchute in the forums, it just embeds the video. I want to provide a link to the Bitchute page with written info from the video poster, the opportunity to comment on the video, etc.

A. This is probably the easiest way to post a link to the Bitchute page:

1. Copy the title of the video and paste it into your post or reply

At some point in your editing process, to create the link:
2. Copy the URL of the video from your browser’s address bar / box
3. Highlight the video’s title that you inserted into the editor in step 1
4. Click the LINK option in the editor’s toolbar; doing so opens a dialog enabling you to paste the video URL and associate it with the title; also check (click on) the Open link in a new tab checkbox before finishing by clicking the Add Link button
5. (Optional but recommended:) In the HTML that this process creates, modify the string associated with the target attribute to something other than “blank” — something unique to the situation, using letters, digits and the underscore character (One forum poster used “ns_rant_censorship” as the target name associated with Naomi Seibt’s video in which she rants against censorship)

6. When your writing task is complete, click Submit to create the post or reply, or to update it, as the case may be

You may want to do the above as well as simply post the bare link, thereby embedding the video.

Q. Why can’t I access the PT Forum suddenly / unexpectedly?

A. This happens when you have had a paid membership that has expired. You need to re-enroll in the Planetary Tantra course to gain access to the PT Forum (click on “subscribe” to PT forum).

Downloading MP3s

Q. I want to download an MP3 audio but cannot.

A. Contact admin, referencing the MP3 you want. We are having to manually add the files as attachments to each unit and sometimes need a reminder to do so.


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