Celestics StarBase Certification Course: The Art and Method of Forensic Astronomy


Introduction to Celestics from metahistory.org:


Example Text of Celestics Training Course, Lesson 1, November 2, 2015:

The Truth On Which You Stand:

Course Biographic Exemplars:

Robinson Jeffers (class exemplar)


Nikola Tesla

Sabina Spielrein


Aldous Huxley

Basic terms:

endowment: what you inherit from humanity at large manifold : array in the panorama of real-sky constellations.

genotype: same as manifold = “birth chart” A genotype is an individual’s collection of genes. The term also can refer to the two alleles inherited for a particular gene. The genotype is expressed when the information encoded in the genes’ DNA is used to make protein and RNA molecules.

premium: optimal and integral expression of the genotype.

Quest for the Zodiac:

“The endowment can easily be ignored, yet the consequent loss is immense and life-threatening, for this ensemble of specialized learning skills carries the quintessence of our fabled human sapience, our tribal wisdom — what I like to call the Premium. It is the accumulation of many past lives which were not our own, not “previous incarnations” of an exclusional and on-going me or you; yet we benefit from the trial-and-error of those lives as if they had been our own.

The Premium is the distillation of ancestral lucidity, the summation of high-end survival-skills including all we have drawn from the cross-species bond, all we have learned from the wise counsels of salmon and eagle, gorilla and whale, badger, bear, owl, eel; for the Zodiac is a “cycle of animal powers,” after all. The Premium fuses practical and visionary talent into one agenda. It preserves in a time-release formula those rare evolutional skills we need to create a future worth living.”

EARTH – SUN POLARITY General concept

All systems of astrology exclude the earth. Geocentric systems place the earth at the center of a celestial perspective, then ignore it is even here — so that it plays no role as an interpretive factor. It serves merely as an observation platform, of no interest or relevance to what is being observed all around it. Paracelus was the first on record to change this convention and consider “the influence of the earth.”

Earth :: the myth you love :: truth, what you embody and impart, “output” sun :: the myth you live :: vitality, what keeps you striving, “outlook”

Coded in the rule of psyche: The beauty of the story you love (earth) matches, and generates, the power to live it (sun). The output you achieve through the story you love, outlives you.

Mars is also vitality, self-advancement, proving yourself, the will to assert. This is the first of the three secondary drives associated with the earth-sun polarity; the others being Jupiter (teach) and Saturn (commit).

Planets: drives, faculties, motives. “Organs” of expression for the gifts and talents of the endowment.

What is the PROOF of fulfilling the endowment? Contribution –> to what?

“Education of the human race” – not social contribution, necessarily, but it may coincide with it. It can be engendered person to person: enrichment, education, heightening of human talent, skill.



Course Curriculum

Protected: 14.100 Celestics Training Orientation 00:00:00
Protected: 14.100 Celestics Training: Materia Mythica 1 00:00:00
Protected: 14.100 Celestics Training: Materia Mythica 2 00:00:00
14.100 Celestics Star Base Certification Course: Intro 01:30:00
Protected: 14.100 Celestics II 01:30:00
14.100 Celestics 3 01:30:00
14.100 Celestics 01:30:00
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