Gaian Navigation Experiment Transcription Project


The GNE transcription project is a verbatim transcription of the Nav Briefing audio files from the GNE. For the sake of consistency it is important that the final form of the transcriptions is word accurate to the audio file, they are not to be edited in the sense that words are deleted or added from what John has spoken on the audio file.

The Process:

A reviewer/proof reader will be emailed a transcription of a Nav Briefing.

They are to download the audio file for that Nav Briefing from then:

Read the transcript along with the audio file and make sure the transcription is accurate. Edit punctuation as you see fit, correct spelling, add capitalization, italics and highlight unknown terms in bold. Make sure the text is formatted into sensible paragraph breaks. Remove non-verbal utterances such as”um” and “ah”. Include in parenthesis emotional utterances such as laughter, sighing etc. eg (laughs). Use elipses (…) to designate pauses, incomplete or grammatically problematic sentences.

Caution: do not make grammatical edits of the transcription. The transcription is a text copy of the briefing as it was given as an oral presentation.

Follow the above guidelines only.

The briefing will be read again along with the audio file during the proofreading stage but at this point that is mainly to establish the index of categories and terms and list the references and bibliography.

The initial transcriptions were done by upwards of 20 people at least so there are different styles and uses of punctuation, this can’t be helped but we need to maximise consistency across all briefings and the best way to do this is keep them as they are spoken.

Please email Simon if you would like to get involved:

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