Navigating Nemeta

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Navigating Nemeta


NEMETA comprises hundreds of units/lessons, distributed through the 12 Courses, the Vocations 13 -14 – 15,  16 Planetary Tantra, 17 The Terma and the Terton, and 18 Breaking Nous. Notation of this vast, varied, and intricately interwoven content is consistent throughout NEMETA, following a three-number format:  7.102.2.

The first number identifies the Course (“learning path”), running 1 through 12, and the Vocations, running 13 through 15, plus 16  Planetary Tantra and two additional genres, 17 The Terma and the Terton and 18 Breaking Nous. Examples: 10 denotes the Mythophrenia Course, 15 the GNE.

The second number, composed of three digits, identifies the BLOCK (set, module) in that Course. Examples: 1.101 = first Block of Course 1 Gaian Alchemy. 6.102 = second Block of Course 6 Living Myth, and so on.

The third number identifies a specific lesson or unit in the Course: 11.101.4 = unit 4 or fourth lesson in the first Block 101 of  Course 11 Skywatching.  Examples: 12.102.4 = lesson 4 in Block 102 of Course 12 Contra-Violence, 17.105 fifth entry in 17 The Terma and the Terton

Over the years, JLL often remarked that the very abundance of his work is problematic, causing even himself to “lose the plot” at times!  As many of you know, was a notorious maze where it was next to impossible to keep track of where you were navigating among the hundreds of entries.  Moreover, the Site Guide for has never to this day been thoroughly updated. Consequently, some essays on the site have never been found except by haphazard luck. At the debut of Nemeta there are just over 400 units in migration, extracted from Additionally, there are 100 or so units of unpublished writing and legacy material to be incorporated here and there in the curricula.


In its structure NEMETA affords an ingenious platform that resolves the monumental organization challenge John has been facing for years. The structure of this platform presents its massive content in coherent clusters, and frames the material by defining themes. Each Course opens with an Orientation essay that may include a recorded talk. That material comes up on the Course landing page: thus the Orientation applies to the themes and subject-matter of the entire Course.

Below the Orientation text,  the Course landing page indicates the completed Blocks 101, 102. 103, etc by a brief description of themes and topics covered hence, a precis or summary of each Block, previewing its contents for the student who may be inclined to take that Block. To take a course in NEMETA you take it one Block at a time.

Below the precis of Blocks is the curricullum panel, listing the unit/lessons, Block by Block, as well as some units in development which are left open for members (only) to trawl. Other units in development are held in private setting by JLL.

The first unit of a Block (indicated by .0) always has for its title the name given to that entire Block.  For example, 9.101.0 is first unit of Block 101 of Course 9 Biomysticism, titled “Between Sky and Ground.” This unit designaed .0  presents and Introduction to the material specific to that Block.  Distinguish the Introduction to a Block in a Course from the Orientation  to the entire Course found on the landing page. With this arrangement, the structure of NEMETA provides a simple, three-stage progression — from Course landing page to Block, then to units in Block — to take the student into the depths of the material.

In the curriculum panel where the unit/lessons are listed, the numbering  .100 denotes material in development, drawn from or other writings, or custom written for NEMETA. The list of units numbered 10.100, for instance, contains material in development eventually to be structured into Blocks for Course 10 Mythophrenia.


Additional to written text, recorded talks and commetaries may in some cases be added to the Orientation, the Introduction, or to units within a Block.


There are no links between units of related material in different Courses and Blocks, and no links to external sources or sites. The absence of links on Nemeta is intentional: to reduce routine and redundant reliance upon IT. Where external links did appear in they are now presented in italics.

In places where links might be valuable, Nemetia provides the indication of crosswork:\  as a notation for cross-referencing between Courses. For instance, some lessons in 3 Grail Studies may be complemented, rounded out, or or even mirrored (partially duplicated) in another Course. 2 Cosmology  overlaps 9 Biomysticism in some areas, 6 Living Myth in others. And so on.

§ Paragraph symbol

The paragraph symbol § denotes new material added to pre-existing content as comment, correction, reflection, or revision of previous views. § always alerts you to text or talk that JLL is adding in real time, current with the release of  the material on NEMETA. The paragraph symbol § both opens and closes such passages, serving as a bracketing device.


Learning through NEMETA is a modular process. In the mosaic layout there is really no strict gradation of instruction. The gradations (101, 102, 103) are organizational, not hierarchal. As you may know, the Terton likes to “take it from the top.”  That is the Tantric method. He delivers in platinum, dealing out premium intel at the get-go,  and then you see if you can handle it.


Members can exclusively access:

all completed Blocks in all 12 Courses

some units indicated .100, work in progress

17 The Terma and the Terton, with ongoing content

18 Breaking Nous, with updates and ongoing content

as well as the Treehouse or Member’s Forum

The Menhir: Updates, Newly Added Blocks, Projects


Subscribers can take a stroll around the campus of sacred groves and peruse all the Course landing pages but not access any units. The content of the Great Hall of Planetary Tantra, 16, is open to everyone who registers by subscribing to the mailing list.


Those who enroll for a specific Block in any Course have access to the home page of the Course, and access only to the units in that specific Block. The Blocks are password-protected. Once you enroll in a Block, you receive the password to access those units. NOTE: This feature of is not running at the beta launch.


Members who support Nemeta by donations running annually, or by other sponsor donations earmarked for specific projects, receive regular notices of activity that includes ongoing new content on 17 the Terma and the Terton and 18 Breaking Nous, as well as progress reports on the projects such as books and The Kali Dice Oracle.

COURSES: Number Coding 1 – 18

1 Gaian Alchemy

2 Sophianic cosmology

3 Grail Studies

4 Gnosis Today

5 Metacritique

6 Living Myth

7 Poetic Craft

8 Kali Yuga

9 Biomysticism

10 Mythophrenia

11 Skywatching

12 Contra-Violence


13 Humanities

14 StarBase Celestics Certification

15 GNE


16 Planetary tantra


17 The Terma and the Terton

18 Breaking Nous

As NEMETA develops, material will be released in blocks consisting of four to six units, often including mp3 files, hence a mix of text and talk. This method allows JLL and the NEMETA team to organize and structure the vast body of work found on,,, and elsewhere, plus a range of unpublished writings, selections from John’s books (some out of print) where appropriate (The Seeker’s Handbook, Twins and the Double, The Hero – Manhood and Power, Quest for the Zodiac, and Not in His Image), and other content scattered here and there such as magazine articles and essays contributed to journals and books by other authors.

Last but not least, this system of organization places talks and interviews, running into the hundreds, in context to written material and Course themes.

Welcome to the Sacred Groves! Festina Lente. Make haste slowly.

jll: 14 September 2018

Generated with Passion and Intention.  Copyright John Lamb Lash. 2018.

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