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The material in 16 Planetary Tantra is free to all who visit the Sophianic School

MEMBERS of NEMETA can access all Blocks and units in development in all 12 Courses. In addition, they enjoy exclusive access to material in 17 The Terton and the Terma, 18 Breaking Nous, and the Treehouse (Member’s Forum). 17 and 18 carry ongoing updates of gnostic intel, monthly reports on the Dakini cycles and celestial omens, the continuation of the Charlotte Working, current events that reflect Correction, Gnostic Sallies, tertonic ramblings, previews of Severed Rose, and more. In short, an unstemmed flow of talks and texts.

SUBSCRIBERS to NEMETA who register on the Mailing List enjoy full access to all material in Planetary Tantra, including instructions for the Shakti Cluster App. They can also access the landing pages of all 12 Courses, which introduce the studies, but not the content of the Courses, the Blocks. They may also preview the Vocations and Projects.

BOTH Members and Subscribers will receive regular email notification of new content released.

Please note: At the time of the beta launch in September 2018, Vocations and Projects are still under development. The system for enrollment in individual Blocks of the Courses is also in preparation.

The annual member donation for is carefully chosen from an iteration of 8 x 52.

Annual : $416 — half year $208, — quarter year $104.

Problem with subscription? Direct any questions to

Level Price  
Planetary Tantra Free Select
12 Month Membership $416.00 now.
Membership expires after 1 Year.
6 Month Membership $208.00 now.
Membership expires after 6 Months.
3 Month Membership $104.00 now.
Membership expires after 3 Months.
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