Vocational Courses

Additional to the 12 learning paths of the basic curriculum, NEMETA offers what might be compared to post-graduate work based on the wider dimensions of John’s legacy.

These vocational courses involve a deeper commitment than course enrollment, more long-term engagement with the material, and they are available only to full members. The three vocational paths are:

13. The Humanities

Given time, the blessing of destiny, and the right conditions, once NEMETA is up and running, JLL would be disposed to offer a course in the humanities constructed along these lines:

First, based on a three-month structure, JLL would present basic reading and research for orientation to the humanities — The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, for instance. Also included in the “handouts” would be excerpts from The Seeker’s Handbook¬†setting out the “Classics and Basics” in the essential library of the humanities. Everyone taking the course would receive the same orientation to basics.

Second, the course would offer supplementary guidance to each participant, depending on the direction of their interest and in support of a heartfelt desire not only to learn what the humanities are, but to preserve and spread that precious legacy of (primarily) white western civilization. In other words, the course would be somewhat customized to each student.

Third, as a further measure of customization, the course would include, over 90 days, five discussions of 50 minutes each with JLL, conducted in person or via Skype or Zoom. The fifth and summary discussion might take place at the end of the 90-day period, or shortly after, in a summary manner.

The cost for this vocation would be somewhat negotiable but generally in the range of $2800 as it involves the demands of a mentoring process in which John would bring to bear the summary of his long involvement with the Humanities, dating to his encounter with Nietzsche at age seventeen (1962), and coming forward through an array of at least a dozen leading lights in that field. In effect, John’s goal for this vocation would be to position the individual to undertake a role in setting the future course of the Humanities.


14. Celestics, StarBase

With this vocation, NEMETA expands beyond the campus to “extramural” activity which comprises not merely a course of learning but a vocation, a calling to be exercised in life. The training of the Celestician is an activity to be conducted largely independent of NEMETA, in another campus setting, as it were. Nevertheless, it is NEMETA, the Sophianic School, that offers the 10-part training course for certification to practice Celestics. Also, there would be the large project of construction of an online platform and network for promoting Celestics, including the elementary software that can deliver an entry-level “reading” for all those who take an interest in discovering that they have a second, unknown horoscope (of sorts).


15. The GNE – The Gaian Navigation Experiment

Conducted between March 2011 and March 2014, with continuation until October 2015 through the Nousletters and Nousflashes (texts and talks), the GNE is a vast project of unparalleled novelty. Its purpose as JLL stated at the outset was nothing less than to track the RESET of the divine experiment by the Aeon Sophia, accomplished in 10 seconds of her time. From March 2014, Correction is underway. Its progress and the opportunities for involvement can be studies on learning path 10, Mythophrenia, 6, Living Myth, and elsewhere in the curriculum.

The exact procedure for this vocation, and structure of the studies involved, are yet to be planned.

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