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Brave Seeker, recognize and claim
the dreaming power that brings you here!

Gotta make your own rules, child
Gotta break your own chains
The dreams that possess you
Can blossom and bless you
Or run you insane

The Hawk Written by Kris Kristofferson, sung by Richie Havens


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The 5th Sun: Brace for a Change of Heart (previewed on JLL YT, February 2023)

An essential talk on the mutation of A-11 and applied noetics, how the mind works, internal monologue and duplexion, dual-voice channel in the mind. This talk contains a personal anecdote about my biological mother, Laora Christina Maiorino, who suffered as a child from weeping eczema (the correct term, although I say, bleeding eczema). This talk leads into the other talks on the series on The Fifth Sun on my YT channel. It takes you to cure, which is not compassion and not love. Coming into PT, you have the choice to collaborate with your divine mother Sophia to effect the cure for the suffering that afflicts the human condition today. The cure is the venom of Scorpion Mother. It is the force of moral deterrence. And the catalyst or precursor of that cure is your anger.

(8000 meter mountains: 26,000 feet. A few mountaineers have climbed Everest without oxygen supplementation. Thus, breathing at 26,000 feet is the limit of human adaptation. Extremely dangerous, however.)

Scorpion Mother from illustration in a Mayan Codex

Finding Your Way Into Planetary Tantra

Consistent with my wishes, as expressed from the initial moment of the Terma of Gaia Awakening, Planetary Tantra is free. I have highlighted this message on the home page of where I announce the migration of all content in that site to Nemeta:

Where To Begin?

Some of the material of Nemeta has been taken from its original location on, founded in July 2002. This material is dense and extensive and its presentation may appear chaotic, random, and unstructured. Since 2002, a considerable amount of new content has been added. Additional to the material already posted, the content of the school is continually expanding. To the newcomer, what’s available here may appear overwhelming. It is normal to ask, Where do I go first?

The answer is simple: Go to that theme and topic for which you already have an interest. Or better still, scan the Courses for material that addresses a question you already have. There is a primary rule in applied noetics (the name for Gnosis updated and adapted to today): What you can learn and discover depends on the question you ask. Nemeta becomes more user-friendly the more you can define what you are asking, what you want to investigate and learn.

As the founder of the School and exclusive content-creator (the “Maine professor”), I advise all newcomers to get “based” in three themes:

  1. The Primacy of Self-Love: See the units (lessons) in the first curriculum block below.
  2. The Origin Myth: The Fallen Goddess scenario is the master narrative of Planetary Tantra. It supports and frames everything else in the School. You will find an introduction on This site provides a way to receive the nine episodes by email every five days. (Bear in mind that the FGS is currently in revision toward its final version. Some aspects of the story and some events in the narrative are not quite as you find them in those episodes.)
  3. Basic Practices of PT: If you register free as a guest, you can access many units and participate in the PT forum dedicated to discussing PT and related issues. There is a unique thread dedicated to newcomers on the forum.

A Glimpse of Metacritique

Many units on Nemeta are underpinned by the critique of belief-systems for which JLL is widely known. To know what is worth knowing requires a metacritical discipline. Not in His Image demonstrates the application of this discipline to ancient religion and the Mysteries. In the exercise of investigating “spirituality” through the ages and down to today, you will often encounter the notion of the “divine spark.” Many New Age systems embrace this idea, but it has no place in the upscaled Gnosis here on Nemeta. Due to the importance of this issue to your orientation to the living Gnosis today, it is fitting to post the talk below.

You Are Not A Divine Spark Trapped In Matter:

Here I look at the origin of the ancient Vedic proposition that the human self/identity is divine and identical with God, the Divine Self (citing Ramana Maharshi). And I go from there to an investigation of the notion of the “divine spark” in the kabbalah.

Correction: 40m. HAL, “simulation, virtual reality,” is a Coptic word, not a Sanskrit word. Curiously, there is no precise equivalent to HAL in Hindu/Vedic metaphysics. There is, rather, the term Maya which does not mean illusion, as often claimed, but apparition, or the emergent activity of multi-dimensional reality. The material world is not an illusion. It is completely real and solid, a sensorial and living apparition like a movie in which you are an actor (cinematic metaphor). Hindu Tantra describes in detail the event of Cosmic Projection, Parinama, which I compare to a movie that is being filmed and projected at the same time. The developing exposition of the Parinama can be found in Course¬†2 Sophianic Cosmology.

“Some days I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, so I do both.”

Course Curriculum

16 Self-Love in Gaian Tantric Practice 1012 years, 10 months
16 How Your Sense of Humanity Must Change 1012 years, 10 months
16.101 The Story to Guide the Species 1012 years, 10 months
16.101 PT : All You Need to Do PT in Five Steps 1012 years, 10 months
16.101 Gaia Awakening: Invitation to Planetary Tantra 1012 years, 10 months
16.101 Surfing the Wave of Planetary Tantra 1012 years, 10 months
16.101 Breathing With the World Mother 1012 years, 10 months
16.101 Romancing the Virgin 1012 years, 10 months
16.101 Gnosis and Shamanism 1012 years, 10 months
16.102 How to Practice Planetary Tantra 01:30:00
16.102 PT As Interactive Magic 1012 years, 10 months
16.101 Gaian Tantra Vow MP3 1012 years, 10 months
16.102 Gaian Tantra Vow Procedures & Example Text 1012 years, 10 months
16.102 Gaian Tantra Vow Text 1012 years, 10 months
16.102 GTT Planetary Tantra Talks 00:00:00
16.103 The Shakti Cluster: A Gaian Tantric Mandala 01:30:00
16.103 Shakti Cluster App 00:00:00
16.103 Shakti Cluster Basic 01:30:00
16.103 Shakti Cluster 01:30:00
16.103 Shakti Clustergeo 01:30:00
16.103 Vajra Star 01:30:00
16.103 Shakti Cluster Compilations 1012 years, 10 months
16.103 Shakti Cluster App Demonstration Videos 1012 years, 10 months
16.104 Tantric Conversion I 1012 years, 10 months
16.104 Tantric Conversion II 01:30:00
16.104 Toward the Secret Gathering 01:30:00
16.104 Dakini Dance 01:30:00
16.104 Divine Pulsation 1012 years, 10 months
16.104 Dakini Weather 01:30:00
16.104 Dakinis on the Roof 01:30:00
16.104 Heart Drop Medicine 1012 years, 10 months
16.105 All the Devatas in One Frame 1012 years, 10 months
16.105 D15 Visvamata – The Riddle of Reciprocity, Human and Cosmic 1012 years, 10 months
16.105 D9 Matangi vs the Two-Faced Trickster 01:30:00
16.105 D9 Matangi: She Who Vanquishes Deceit 1012 years, 10 months
16.105 D4 Bhuvaneshvari Tara 01:30:00
16.105.6 D6 Bhairavi 01:30:00
16.105 Skatach: Trainer of Warriors 1012 years, 10 months
16.105 D8 Idris (Bagalamukhi) 01:30:00
16.105 D8 Bagalamukhi as Bridle 01:30:00
16.105 D5 Chinnamasta’s Glory (Mirita’s Calendar) 1012 years, 10 months
16.105 D12 Vajrayogini, Tantra Mother 01:30:00
16.106 Desire in Planetary Tantra 01:30:00
16.106 The Pretence of Enlightenment 1012 years, 10 months
16.106 The Union of Desire and Compassion 01:30:00
16.106 The Compassion of Release 01:30:00
16.106 Correction and Selection 1012 years, 10 months
16.107 D8 Idris Shift 2019 1012 years, 10 months
16.107 D1 Kali Shift 2019 1012 years, 10 months
16.107 D13 Kurukulla Shift, December 2018 1012 years, 10 months
16.107 D9 Matangi Shift 2019: The Planetary Vision Quest 1012 years, 10 months
16.107 Running on DOS: Dakini On Shift MP3 (For Beginners) 1012 years, 10 months
16.107 PT 2010 Reckoning 01:30:00
16.107 Year End Review of Shaktis 2009 01:30:00
16 JLL Responds to Q & A in the PT Forum of July 2022 1012 years, 10 months
16 THE MOTHERDREAM Versus the MMORPGs 1012 years, 10 months
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