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Consistent with my wishes, as expressed from the initial moment of the Terma of Gaia Awakening, Planetary Tantra is free. I have highlighted this message on the home page of where I announce the migration of all content in that site to Nemeta:

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Friday 15 February 2019

PT PROGRESS REPORT: I have before me a printout of a list of 41 units currently found in the PT Course 16 curriculum panel. A unit is a electronic  TEXT file sometimes including audio commentary or reading (TALK)… (continued on The Menhir)


Course 16 on Planetary Tantra comprises a massive array of material, some of it new, much of it taken from and elsewhere, but here organized, correctly (as far as humanly possible), upgraded, and revised. It will take some time to pull this enchilada together. The Manual of Planetary Tantra has been long in the works… set to come out as a hard copy artifact from Terma Publishing.  I will not name a particular deadline but I do wish that by springtime 2019 to have Course 16 in reasonable order.

Portrait of Jigme Lingpa, the pre-eminent Nyingma terton who received the Longchen Nyingthig.

[Source:, where you find the bare details and a summary of the terma. This work by Andreas Walsh et al. is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.]

The source cited here contains basic facts about the Nyingma JL that I expect every serious practitioner of PT to know. Keeping with Nemeta policy, I don’t provide an active URL hyperlink,  but merely point toward one. Do the homework as it suits your time and pleases you.

It might be regarded as a trivial coincidence that the Tibetan terton has the same initials as yours truly. Then again, Jigma Lingpa was born in 1730 and received the Longchen Nyingthig in 1758, although it was not made available in printed form until 1794, thirty six years later. Note that those dates cluster tightly into the moment “around 1740” when the Aeon Sophia began to go lucid in the dreaming emanation (Sanskirt shristi-kalpana) by which she materializes and sustains the world-event on earth, her planetary dream body. I knew that date instantaneously, without reflection or calculation, upon receiving the Terma.  I knew also the fugue of streaming personae or oneiric identities that she assumed from that moment all the way to becoming Vajravilasi, “flirtatious lightning” at the inception of the Terma.

These are wild claims, I know. And their implications are even wilder. For instance, what if I told you that the genre of the novel arose at that exact time, the mid-1700s, as a material eruption of human imagination that Sophia herself provoked, so that the demonstration of the NPU (novelistic description, characterization) by human authors enabled the Aeon to secure her first attention in those dreaming identities. In short, the novel genre gave her the traction required to deploy her dreaming power directly into the human mind. She needed human-created fiction to bring her presence to human attention. If you get this, I can assure you, you will never tire of getting it, and there is no end to the elaborations to be entertained of this singular transcendent event.

Ten-year Retrospective on the Terma of Gaia Awakening

“Some days I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, so I do both.”



As explained in Navigating Nemeta, you SCROLL DOWN the Course landing page (where you are right now) to find summary previews of the completed Blocks. SCROLL DOWN FURTHER to the curriculum panel to access those Blocks, one unit at a time. The procedure is more or less the same with Course 16. Note however one special case: the units in Block 103, Gallery of the Devatas, are numbered in accord with the traditional sequence of nodes in the Shakti Cluster.

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Course Curriculum

16 Surfing the Wave of Planetary Tantra 1012 years, 10 months
16 Chinnamasta’s Glory (Mirita’s Calendar) 1012 years, 10 months
16 Nav Briefing No. 4 Swan Deva Shift 2012 1012 years, 10 months
16 Matangi Shift 2019: The Planetary Vision Quest 1012 years, 10 months
The Sovereign Moment Revisited 1012 years, 10 months
Planetary Vision Quest (Celestics Lesson 13) 1012 years, 10 months
16 Gnosis and Shamanism 00:00:00
Private: 16 Iamblichus on Divination 1012 years, 10 months
16 Skatach: Trainer of Warriors 1012 years, 10 months
16.0 The Maitreya Process (Audio) 1012 years, 10 months
16.101 Breathing With the World Mother 1012 years, 10 months
Kali Shift 2019 1012 years, 10 months
Kurukulla Shift, December 2018 00:00:00
16.101 Running on DOS: Dakini On Shift MP3 (PT For Beginners) 00:00:00
16.101 Rimsite (Real Sky Constellations) 00:00:00
16.101 Coastlining Wheel (PT Tool) 00:00:00
Private: 16 The Jargon and Jive of Planetary Tantra 00:00:00
16.101 PT Orientation & Basics (In development)
16.101 How to Practice Planetary Tantra Orientation 01:30:00
16.101 Cruising The Lunar Shaktis 01:30:00
16.101 Dakini Calendar 2009 01:30:00
16.101 Gaian Tantra Vow MP3 00:00:00
16.101 Gaian Tantra Vow Text 00:00:00
16.101 Gaian Tantra Vow Procedures & Example Text 00:00:00
16.100 Divine Pulsation 01:30:00
16.100 Dakini Dance 01:30:00
16.100 Dakini Weather 01:30:00
16.100 Dakinis on the Roof 01:30:00
16.100 Heart Drop Medicine 01:30:00
16.100 Desire in Planetary Tantra 01:30:00
16.103.8 Bagalamukhi Bagala as Bridle 01:30:00
16.103.4 Bhuvaneshvari Tara 01:30:00
16.103.6 Bhairavi 01:30:00
16.103.8 Bagalamukhi 01:30:00
16.103.9 Matangi vs the Two-Faced Trickster 01:30:00
16.103.3 Shodashi (Ist Shift 2009) 01:30:00
16.100 GTT Planetary Tantra Talks 00:00:00
16.103.15 Visvamata – The Riddle of Reciprocity, Human and Cosmic 00:00:00
16.103.12 Vajrayogini 01:30:00
16.100 Shakti Cluster App 00:00:00
16.100 Shakti Cluster Compilations 01:30:00
16.100 Vajra Star 01:30:00
16.100 Shakti Clustergeo 01:30:00
Private: 16.100 Shakti Cluster 01:30:00
16.100 Shakti Cluster Basic 01:30:00
16.100 PT 2010 Reckoning 01:30:00
16.100 How to Practice Planetary Tantra 01:30:00
16.100 Dakini Dance 01:30:00
16.100 The Shakti Cluster: A Gaian Tantric Mandala 01:30:00
16.100 Tantric Conversion I 01:30:00
16.100 Tantric Conversion II 01:30:00
16.100 The Union of Desire and Compassion 01:30:00
16.100 The Compassion of Release 01:30:00
16.100 Toward the Secret Gathering 01:30:00
16.100 Year End Review of Shaktis 2009 01:30:00
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