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To approach Nemeta, picture an open, leafy campus with a commons (“student union”) shrouded by the ceremonial Banyan Tree and, facing it, a large and elegant structure that houses 12 Classrooms (Courses) and 3 Great Halls (Vocations). There are reception areas for all Classrooms (the Course landing pages) where guests can look around and can consider the material on offer. The Great Hall 16 of the Sophianic School, Planetary Tantra, is entirely open to guests, and all material posted here is open source, accessible at no charge. 

Planetary Tantra

Consistent with my wishes, as expressed from the initial moment of the Terma of Gaia Awakening, Planetary Tantra is free. I have highlighted this message on the home page of where I announce the migration of all content in that site to Nemeta:

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SPECIAL FEATURE Added April 17, 2021

The Timing of Kali Yuga

VP on right: vernal point, spring equinox, 0/1 on the 36o-degree ecliptic circle, hour hand of the celestial clock. Indicates the linear sequence of Zodiacal Ages corresponding to the 13 Constellations it transits.

WS at bottom: winter solstice. Indicates the timing of the 25,920-year Kalpa, one Aeonic Day,  reckoned by a division into 5 Yugas / Suns of 5200 years each. Its alignment to the Galactic Center in 2216 marks the midnight hour of the Aeonic Day.

Talk uploaded on my two YT channels,John Lamb Lash and Mandela Effect Decoded, on April 17, 2021:

Visual guide:

  • Protractor = the clockface, 360-degree circle
  • Astrological Signs = 12 equal 30-degrees divisions of the clock face, irrespective of the surrounding stars. the tropical Zodiac, format of sun-sign astrology: Aries, Taraus, Gemini, etc
  • Ecliptic plane = dark yellow circle, the edge of the orbital plane of the earth
  • Tropical Zodiac: circle of 12 equal 30-degree sections of the orbital plane of the earth. The “pizza-slice” format used by conventional astrologers. (Note: I ignore the Vedic “sidereal” Zodiac which is a quasi-stellar format that divides the panorama of the Constellations into equal divisions, even though they are unequal in size and extent.)
  • Stellar Zodiac or real-sky Zodiac = the full panorama of thirteen figures positioned along the ecliptic plane. These composite are unequal in size and extent: for example, WHALES or FISHES, 40 degrees, RAM 20 degrees
  • Sign / Constellation quandary: Having the sun in Gemini defines your personality type, but hiaving the sun in the Constellation of the BULL or any other Constellation does change your personality type. The Constellations do not generate a set of personality-types. 
  • Astrological double talk: sun in 12 degrees of Gemini (Sign) in the eye of the BULL (Constellation) marked by the star Aldebaran
  • Beginning of Kali Yuga : given in Hindu/Vedic chronology = February 16, 3102 BCE.
  • Hour hand of the cosmic clock = VP, the vernal point, oriented to the right in the illustration: moment of the Spring Equinox, March 21
  • Constellation of the FISHES or WHALES = outlined in blue. The leapping WHALE on the left, the sounding WHALE on the right, swimming along the ecliptic plane toward the MANITU (Waterbearer, Aquarius)
  • Current moment in the Zodiacal Ages = where the sun stands against the backround of the Stellar Zodiac. Currently, under the tail of the Western or Sounding Whale
  • Transition into the Age of the RAM= c. 1850 BCE when the hour hand shift from BULL into RAM
  • Transition into the current Age,”Piscean Age” = c. 120 BCE when the hour hand shifts from the RAM into the WHALES
  • One Zodiacal Age = measured by the time the hour hand takes to transit a visible Constellation. These periods are irregular in duration.
  • Kalpa, one cosmic day of 25, 920 years  = 72 years X 360 degrees. This timeframe is independent of the timing of the successive Zodiacal Ages
  • One Yuga, One Sun in Aztec calendrics = 1/5th of the full cosmic day; hence about 5200 years. This period encompasses several Zodiacal Ages.
  • The Fifth Sun, OLLIN = equivalent to Kali Yuga in Aztec calendrics
  • Opening date of Kali Yuga, the Fifth Sun, OLLIN = 3012 BC, hour hand/VP aligned to Aldebaran in the eye of the BULL. Rotate the entire clock face / protractor counter-clockwise going back 71-2 degrees.
  • Clockwise rotation of the clock face and hour hand = precession of the Equinoxes. In this movement the hour hand and the entire clockface rotates clockwise against the natural order of the Constellations (FISHES > RAM > BULL > TWINS); hence it pre-cesses, shifting toward the preceding Constellation. This is how you track ahead in time.
  • Tracking back in time, you wind the protractor/clockface counter-clockwise following the natural order, RAM, BULL, TWINS etc
  • The “story-book” names of the Constellations, RAM, BULL, TWINS, do not match the conventional names of the 12 Signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini. The two formats are distinct and cannot be correlated.
  • Axial Cross, shown in thick black lines = the four arms of the seasonal moments, solstices and equinoxes, which rotate uniformly with the clockwise movement of the hour hand / VP
  • Pointer of the winter solstice, WS, orange arrow pointing downward = indicator of the midnight hour or changeover of Kalpa, every 25,920 years. Current location on the clockface of astrological Signs, 27-28 degrees of Sagittarius. About 200 years from midnight, or 11 minutes to midnight using the analogy of one Kalpa to one day.
  • One second of Aeonic time = 108 days of human time.
  • Galactic Center, GC = direction of line of sight to the center of the galaxy viewed from earth
  • ARCHER-SNAKETAMER tableau = shows location of the line of sight to the GC. In other words, the GC, which is invisible, is not located in those star composites but beyond them and you look in that direction to see what it is
  • Detail below: graphics of the Galactic Center, beyond the tip of the arrow of the ARCHER, aligned to the right leg of the SNAKETAMER

Left: Detail of the BULL – RAM – WHALES with transitional moments. Right: Detail of the winter solstice in its current location, shifting clockwise exact toward alignment with the Galactic Center.

The founders of the Mysteries taught their students to picture the composite stars of the ARCHER (NOT Sagittarius) as a centaur shooting an arrow so that they could follow the aiming action of the figure and locate the sight-line toward the Galactic Center. Its position is above the stinger of the SCORPION, along the right leg of the SNAKETAMER (not illustrated here). In correct visualization, the right foot of the SNAKETAMER stands on the stinger.

Detail from the Dendera Zodiac showing a section of the Axial Cross. The horizontal line running through the FISHES is the line of the equinoxes with the VP on the left, indicating the present moment in cosmic timing. The vertical line coming downward indicates the position of the winter solstice, WS, presently about 2 degrees from the Galactic Center which it reaches around 2216. That is the indication of the timing of the Kalpa, while the other line, situated at a right angle, indicates the timing of the current Zodiacal Age transpiring within the Kalpa.


Where To Begin?

§ Added April 20, 2020: Registered guests are advised to note the new block in the Curriculum panel, *WHERE TO BEGIN. To review the original landing page for Planetary Tantra, as it appeared on in October 2008, click here. Begin with that essay and the one titled Gaia Awakening: Introduction fo Planetary Tantra, in the panel below. Those two essays provide the initial orientation you need to benefit your approach to Planetary Tantra. Welcome to this unique and daring adventure in “interactive magic” with the Wisdom Goddess, your divine mother.


“The Dakinis are Devata (radiant-emergent) aspects of the Forces of Nature. Work with them and success is attained. Work against them and ill-fortune follows. Identify the self with the partial aspects which are the yoginis (bonding forces) and then various Powers (siddhis: occult faculties) are attained. Identify the self with the Great Yogini Herself and the human creature is liberated. This is the Shakta teaching.”

– Sir John Woodroffe, The World As Power

Course 16 on Planetary Tantra comprises a vast array of material, some of it new, much of it taken from and elsewhere, but here organized, corrected, upgraded, and revised. It will take some time to pull this enchilada together.

My Version of Gnosticism

NOTE: I have added this talk 16.101 Running on DOS: Dakini On Shift MP3 (PT For Beginners) from 2018 on January 14, 2020 for the purpose of orientation to visitors. Ceridwen, Crooked Claw, and myself discuss six points about the unique version of Gnosis that comes with Planetary Tantra. This talk raises the issue of the great dissent, the rejection of Christianity. “No, no, no. I’m not going to rehab in a salvationist gulag.” It also alludes to the taunting meme of “hijacking” Tibetan Buddhism which today assumes a form that could not have been foreseen at that moment— DOG ZEN. The verification of encountering the Organic Light by the detecting a drop of temperature that actually does not occur in the ambient temperature is a salient point, one of the wonderful proofs of the veracity of the telestic method, which can be consistently tested. Everyone who encounters the Organic Light has the same experience.

Primary Syntax

So, how to get started with Planetary Tantra? Everyone who comes to this “field of dreams” faces the same question, Where to dive in first? The immensity, diversity, novelty and richness of the content can be overwhelming. In truth, if you are not overwhelmed, you are not getting it! And that sensation persists in time. PT never becomes habituated or clichéd. Or if it does, you are not handling it correctly.

Traditional Buddhism in the genre of the non-attainment schools uses the nifty term bodhicitta (BOW-dee-CHIT-tah) for the thrilling sensation of hovering constantly on the verge of enlightenment. Bodhi means illumined, awakened: in gnostic terms, the enjoyment of the full power of your intelligence grounded in the naked awareness of mind in its own nature. Citta is a variant of cit, pronounced CHIT, with a hard accent on the c. Cit is consciousness itself, with or without an object. Any claim to “spirituality” in this day and age has to be proven and demonstrated, authenticated by the correct use of intelligence based on knowing how consciousness works, both affecting the world-event and being effected by it. Otherwise, it is just empty talk.

On these primary notions, you can always remind yourself why you choose to attend Nemeta and engage in PT: to get your cit together. (“Get your shit together” being an archaic meme of the 1960s).

The routine translation of bodhicitta is “inceptive bodhi” or “the thought of enlightenment.” In non-attainment teachings (virtually unknown to most people who get involved in Buddhism of any kind), inceptive bodhi means that merely entertaining the notion that you can be enlightened brings you to the verge of being so. Some texts assert that the mere conception of what enlightenment is enlightens you.

There is deep wisdom in this assertion, as traditionally stated, but it can be taken to an even deeper level through the practice of PT. As I have insisted time and time again, and will continue to insist, Planetary Tantra based on the Terma of Gaia Awakening clarifies and amplifies all that is genuine and sustainable in Buddhist teachings. It makes it over and goes to the goal with it.

Not to get too fancy at this moment, let me propose for the sake of orientation that bodhicitta means “inceptive syntax.” Compare it to the source code of a computer app. All the functions of the app depend on the integrity of a certain array of propositions in the source code. Likewise with PT where you encountered an array of terms, phrases, and memes that present the inceptive or primary syntax for the entire wisdom system. Here are some examples:

  • worship of power: Tantra is the worship of power (Shakti), so those who practice it call themselves Shaktas. Go to The Terton on Video in the curriculum bar below for a cogent exposition of this idea.
  • material immanence: The cosmic source of life is immediately presented to you in the presence of the earth, the planetary body of the Aeon Sophia, the Maha-Shakti.
  • everything is material: There is no formless incorporeal spirit anywhere in the universe. “All material forms are passing modes of this one Power (the Maha-Shakti). Maya becomes a possibility and not the absurdity which some have supposed it to be” (Woodroffe, The World as Power). In other worlds, this natural physical world you inhabit is not an illusion.
  • Shakti Cluster: The icon and operative mandala of the World Mother which displays the full array of the powers (dakinis, devatas) by which she is interactive with human creatures.
  • autogenic magic: interactive magic with Gaia, the living earth which is both mother and matrix (habitat) of the human species.
  • yogini: bonding force, to be considered as natural and fully material, comparable, say, to the bonding force that causes water to be formed out of hydrogen and oxygen, or the bonding force of magnetism, or static electricity, to cite but a few examples
  • Gaia-Sophia: Compound term that expresses the identity of the Aeonic Mother Sophia, a plasmic emanation of the galactic core, with the natural world, this earth, the setting of human life and matrix of all life as we know it.
  • the world dream: …

The list goes on, but those terms are enough for initial grounding in the practice of PT. Consistent with the passage from Woodroffe, bonding yourself intentionally with the power of the Earth Mother is the purpose of Planetary Tantra. The “magic” to be discovered and tested in this adventure happens through the coupling of human forces with the superhuman matrix of telluric powers displayed in the Shakti Cluster. Bear in mind, always, that the Shakti Cluster does not merely present a schematic display, like the circuit diagram of a television, but is itself the actual instrument for interactivity, the app.

Finally, a note on the Sanskrit and Tibetan terminology: (Forthcoming)

PT Curriculum

The curriculum panel for PT is similar to that of all Courses on Nemeta, with the difference that only staff (student-teachers who support the school materially and creatively) can access the units in the 12 Courses and published material in Vocations. Once you are signed in as a guest, using your password, you are free to access any unit in the Great Hall of PT. Note that you may have occasion to click the “START COURSE” panel (blue, upper right of this page) to activate or re-active your access.


“Some days I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, so I do both.”


Course Curriculum

16 Gaia Awakening: Invitation to Planetary Tantra 1012 years, 10 months
Planetary Vision Quest (Celestics Lesson 13) 1012 years, 10 months
16 Surfing the Wave of Planetary Tantra 1012 years, 10 months
16.101 Running on DOS: Dakini On Shift MP3 (PT For Beginners) 1012 years, 10 months
Private: 16 The Jargon and Jive of Planetary Tantra 1012 years, 10 months
16.101 How to Practice Planetary Tantra Orientation 1012 years, 10 months
16.101 Gaian Tantra Vow MP3 1012 years, 10 months
16.101 Gaian Tantra Vow Text 1012 years, 10 months
16.101 Gaian Tantra Vow Procedures & Example Text 1012 years, 10 months
16.101 Rimsite (Real Sky Constellations) 1012 years, 10 months
11.101 Coastlining 1012 years, 10 months
16 Dreaming the Grand Sablon 1012 years, 10 months
16 Self-Love in Gaian Tantric Practice 1012 years, 10 months
16 Skatach: Trainer of Warriors 1012 years, 10 months
16.101 Breathing With the World Mother 1012 years, 10 months
Kali Shift 2019 1012 years, 10 months
Kurukulla Shift, December 2018 1012 years, 10 months
16 Romancing the Virgin 1012 years, 10 months
16 The Pretence of Enlightenment 1012 years, 10 months
16 Idris Shift 2019 1012 years, 10 months
14 INTRO to Celestics: What’s In It For You 1012 years, 10 months
16 Correction and Selection 1012 years, 10 months
16 Chinnamasta’s Glory (Mirita’s Calendar) 1012 years, 10 months
16 Nav Briefing No. 4 Swan Deva Shift 2012 1012 years, 10 months
16 Matangi Shift 2019: The Planetary Vision Quest 1012 years, 10 months
The Sovereign Moment Revisited 1012 years, 10 months
Private: 16 Iamblichus on Divination 1012 years, 10 months
16 Gnosis and Shamanism 1012 years, 10 months
16.100 Divine Pulsation 1012 years, 10 months
16.100 Dakini Dance 01:30:00
16.100 Dakini Weather 01:30:00
16.100 Dakinis on the Roof 01:30:00
16.100 Heart Drop Medicine 01:30:00
16.100 Desire in Planetary Tantra 01:30:00
16.103.8 Bagalamukhi Bagala as Bridle 01:30:00
16.103.4 Bhuvaneshvari Tara 01:30:00
16.103.6 Bhairavi 01:30:00
16 Bagalamukhi 01:30:00
16 Matangi vs the Two-Faced Trickster 01:30:00
16.103.3 Shodashi (Ist Shift 2009) 01:30:00
16.100 GTT Planetary Tantra Talks 00:00:00
16.103.15 Visvamata – The Riddle of Reciprocity, Human and Cosmic 1012 years, 10 months
16.103.12 Vajrayogini 01:30:00
16 Shakti Cluster App 00:00:00
16.100 Shakti Cluster Compilations 01:30:00
16.100 Vajra Star 01:30:00
16.100 Shakti Clustergeo 01:30:00
Private: 16.100 Shakti Cluster 01:30:00
16.100 Shakti Cluster Basic 01:30:00
16.100 PT 2010 Reckoning 01:30:00
16.100 How to Practice Planetary Tantra 01:30:00
16.100 Dakini Dance 01:30:00
16.100 The Shakti Cluster: A Gaian Tantric Mandala 01:30:00
16.100 Tantric Conversion I 1012 years, 10 months
16.100 Tantric Conversion II 01:30:00
16.100 The Union of Desire and Compassion 01:30:00
16.100 The Compassion of Release 01:30:00
16.100 Toward the Secret Gathering 01:30:00
16.100 Year End Review of Shaktis 2009 01:30:00
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