Mandela Effect Decoded

§ 27 March 2022: Consistent with restructuring of this platform, you will now find the content of Mandela Effect Decoded (MED) as Course 13 in the three Vocations, 13, 14, and 15. The Vocations stand distinct from the Courses in the extent of the material they present and the time required to absorb it.

This Vocation introduces the MED project of February-October 2017 in three Blocks: 101 Earth Oracle, 102 Setting Up the Investigation, and 103 Tracking Pages.

101 units are introductory. 102 units present the guidelines on which I set up the investigation. In a meticulous and mind-grinding task, Ceridwen converted these tracking pages from into unit/pages here. Originally, they contained numerous external links which are not reproduced in the conversion. So, you will not be able to trace these links and I advise to skim over them.

At the end of the day, the tracking pages in Block 103 preserve a record of the massive and complex mythophrenic fugue delivered in the MED YT project. You have to rely on your own skills in mythophrenia to follow it. But then again, the exercise of following that fugue sharpens your own mythophrenic talents. Any further explanation or commentaries would be superfluous and overloaded. Make of it what you will, and take away what benefits you. I am confident that this material will stand the test of time. It shows solid, evidence-based proof of interactivity with the PSI in the medium of the IT/ internet medium. The Motherhack is real. ‘Nuff said.

Introductory Talk:

As I explain in the talk, I originally delivered the MED in 64 uploads on the YT channel of that name. The progression went from February to October 2017. Throughout that period, I made “tracking notes” available on Nemeta was not established until a year after MED was completed. All mp3 audios and the extensive content of the tracking notes, about 250 pages in printed form, have been transferred to Nemeta. All 64 talks can eventually be found here arranged in blocks of units each accessed in the curriculum panel below, as happens with all Courses. Accessible to members of the faculty only, except for the Course landing page you are now viewing.

For your interest, above is a draft of the timeline of interest in the ME taken from Google search trends. It covers five years from September 2014 to September 2019. The numbers 1 through 6 indicate peak moments in public interest in the ME. Bear in mind that my Gnostic investigation in the ME was a stand-alone event, completely unique and independent. I did not have the attention of the millions around the world who were following the phenomenon. Also, during the nine-month release of MED on YT, I did not receive any acknowledgement of what I was doing from any other YT channels dedicated to commenting on that phenomenon. During that time and since the, as far as I know, none of the other leading channels who garnered millions of views have nodded in my direction. Doing the MED, I did not surf on the massive wave of public interest, nor did I benefit in any way from it. My entire exposition unfolded off-side from the field of public attention.

Nevertheless, It appears that I did have the attention of “someone” who was in fact the source of the ME as I detected it by Gnostic forensics.

Note that the moments 1 – 2, showing the extreme vertical peak of searches for “Mandela Effect”, corresponded to July 11 to August 7, 2016. It was exactly at that time that I initially recognized the cause and purpose of the ME and made the decision to present a full exposition of the baffling phenomenon on a dedicated YT channel created on January 27, 2017. I have cleared that channel except for one talk.

Now, consider this question carefully: How would you explain that public and worldwide interest in the ME peaked once and once only to its highest level at the exact moment that I recognized what it was and made the decision to decode it? When no one in the world knew what I knew or what I intended to do?

Likewise for the other moments of high-volume public searching for ME:

3. October 2017: I launched Mythophrenia (Now Course 19 on Nemeta) and leaked my exclusive gnostic interpretation of the ME in an interview with Lisa Harrison who promptly tried to rip off the concept. MED is a demonstration of the mythophrenic art of associative fugue; or put otherwise, it is the discipline of handling schizophrenic states and impressions which is a normal condition of the psychic life of the human animal. We are all schizophrenic to a degree. The question is, how to handle it.

My exposition of the ME was not merely a typical case of correct management of a mythophrenic fugue, of which I have given many examples through the years. It is an exceptional case. In the original release of mythophrenia on in October 2017, I used the term “command performance.” This is the term from an artistic event such as a symphony or ballet specifically requested by the sponsor of the performance. For instance, the Queen of Spain might sponsor the command performance of Joaquin Rodrigo’s Concerto de Aranjuez with Paco de Lucia on guitar. Such an event differs from just any performance of such a musical composition due to some special and intimate connection between the event and its sponsor, usually of presumed royalty. The event honors its sponsor and, in turn, the sponsor honors the event.

So, who was the sponsor of the command performance of MED? It was the agency at the source of the Effect. To Gnostics and Shaktas, that would be the Aeon Sophia, the planetary animal mother or PAM. Due to the realisation that the general public who might come across my channel would not be familiar with such jargon, I proposed the acronym PSI for plenary sovereign intelligence — of the earth. Using a massive body of evidence, my investigation proved that the ME was a coded signal coming from the earth mother and directed to the attention of her witnesses and allies. In August 2016 I stated that “The Aeonic Mother has agency,” meaning that she had hacked into the internet and could use it at her discretion for interactive communication with those capable of knowing what she is and how she operates.

4. A descending peak of February 2017: I created Mandela Effect Decoded on YT for the specific purpose of explaining the effect.

5. September 2018: Launch of Nemeta which now carries the full content of MED.

6. September 2019 > October, last flickering peak moment of search trends. I came to the end of the 64 talks and left for Stockholm, arriving at the airport at the moment of the Route 91 Harvest Festival/Mandalay Bay shooting which marked the shift of the ME into a different gear.

In the introductory talk, I describe the significance of the timing of releasing the first block of MED on Nemeta at this moment.

The ME Heart Anomaly

The tracking pages for MED list about nine categories of the effect, including geographic and anatomical anomalies. I had to select among the evidence available and so I did not give equal attention to all incidences of the ME, but I did note this: Pre-ME, people considered that the heart was considerably to the left of the centerline of the body, but post-ME, the position of the heart appeared to be different. Off-left from centerline is the old, pre-Me effect or occluded effect. Center in the body between the lungs is the current, post-ME effect, the occluding effect. Today, many people do not remember the previous, occluded effect of the off-left position and consider that the position is and has always been exactly center in the chest. Textbooks and medical manuals now place it there. However, there is residual evidence of its former anatomical location. One example:

That’s how I remember it. That’s how we performed saluting the flag in school. And that’s where I felt it pounding at moments of excitement or apprehension all through my life.

So, what is the heart doing now located at the exact centerline of the body aligned to the symmetry of the lungs? The question carries a trope, “a change of heart.” This is the trope of Ollin from the Aztec calendar stone. Oh-LEEN. “Change of Heart” is currently the primary theme driving the new content coming from Nemeta, closely related to Course 12 Ideosophy which now incorporates the material formerly in 13 Humanities. 13 MED now replaces Humanities as one of the three Vocations.


You will not be surprised to hear that the organization of the talks and text of the MED has been a time-intensive, monumentally tedious task. The release of units in this Vocation does not follow the exact sequence of the talks but it’s pretty close. The final upload of the 64th talk was on October 11, titled Route 91: Fast Track to the Alt Real. So that is how far the content here goes.

After that date, I continued to post on MED YT until 15th April 2021, using it to platform a variety of topics. I also uploaded these talks to John Lamb Lash YT, and then proceeded to use that channel exclusively. Currently, I am still using JLL YT but will phase it out soon and upload exclusively on Nemeta YT for the purposes of promoting the School.

Course Curriculum

13 MED How the Earth Oracle Speaks 1012 years, 10 months
MED Talks Master List 1012 years, 10 months
13 MED Breakdown 100 years, 4 months
13.101 MED Introduction 100 years, 4 months
13.101 MED Entrance Exam 100 years, 4 months
13.101 MED Procedures 00:00:00
10.100 MED Guidelines 00:00:00
13.101 MED Analysis 100 years, 4 months
13.102 MED Tracking Page I 1012 years, 10 months
13.102 MED Tracking Page II 100 years, 4 months
13.102 MED Tracking Page III 100 years, 4 months
Private: 13.102 MED Tracking Page IV 1012 years, 10 months
Private: 13.102 MED Tracking Page V 1012 years, 10 months
Private: 13.102 MED Tracking Page VI 00:00:00
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