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      Forum Guidelines:
      • Consistent with the GNE, do not use emoticons!
      • Keep it clean.
      • This forum exists so that you can make flesh and blood connections in real life. Buddy up and find a partner to perform the Gaian Tantra Vow with.
      • Bear in mind, as long as we all love Sophia, and hate the enemies of life with one mind, we do not have to agree with each other on any other topic. Be pristine and copacetic in the forum.
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    • NUgenics
      NUgenics Intro
      The Wisdom Goddess teaching the “Seven Liberal Arts.” Pen and parchment drawing, Austria, c 1175.
      Philosophy Nourishing the Liberal Arts, crowned, holding open books in right hand and scepter in left hand. Flowing from the center of her breast are seven wavy lines to personifications of the seven Liberal Arts: Arithmetic, Logic, Grammar, Music, Rhetoric, Geometry, Astronomy. The figures are all enclosed in ring of clouds; outside the ring of clouds and flanking Philosophy are stars and personifications of sun and moon.
      § This unit page introduces the Seven Lovely Arts, the Sophianic makeover of the Seven liberal Arts, an educational trope of the European Middle Ages.

      The Rule of Psyche The beauty of the story you love matches, and generates, the power to live it.

      The Coefficient of Psyche The psyche writes the narrative for the body, and the body reads the progress of the psyche. Biology is the coefficient of biography. Whatever is truly moral becomes organic.

      The Hamer Circuit illustrates these principles:
      Again, this is a rough draft with a better version to be provided. The audio commentary walks you through this diagram.
      _______________________________ Notes from our first Nugenics meeting:

      Discussion on Day 4 — Second Shodashi Shift 2019

      Sundari, “Beautiful One” Who Enhances the Three Realms of Desire, Form, and Formlessness

      Desire – Food Form – Structure Formlessness – Everything you don’t need

      NU ::: Natal Ultimate.

      The Natal Ultimate is the default setting of body and mind at birth. Neoteny and the Alien Intrusion disrupts the Natal Ultimate. NUgenics is a set of practices that aim to restore you to the Natal Ultimate, ideal health of sound mind and sound body.   7 Branches of NUgenics – Spectrum of Bodily Arts
      1. German New Medicine 2. Body Work: Structural Integration, Chiropractic, Myofascial Release, et al. 3. Pharmacopeia: homeopathy, herbs, hedgerow medicine 4. Sound Therapy, Psycho-Acoustics, Animal Magnetism (Mesmer) 5. Nutrition, including ketosis and autophagy 6. Movement Therapy, Martial Arts, Dance! 7. Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) converted into Gaian Autogenics
      Wisdom of the Body. Hold certain principles in common. Two principles of NU 1. Everything we do is intended to restore NU 2. Restore and hold balance – As within, so without. SATTVA in the calibration Support the healing symptoms: SARS = support and recovery system. Healing must be reflected in relationships. Healing the field of relationships The four modalities of LOVE Self Love Intimacy – One on One Love for Group Love for Humanity – Ultimacy —> Only realized through act of imagination.  
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    • Sexual Tantra
      Sexual Tantra is not "Tantric sex." Learn that difference and you can legitimately claim the first degree of sexual enlightenment. I introduce this thread for all those, including staff and visitors alike, who would benefit from an open, polite, and revealing discussion of first-hand experiences of kundalini or what you may have taken for such. I will personally delete any salacious remarks or quarrelsome comments. To get the topic rockin' 'n rollin', I propose that you take a look at the vid below, going to 27m if you can't stand to watch the entire clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPgEoDt_Duc As for the serpent power, you get it through your feet in tolerable doses, naturally. You get it in and out of sex basically in two modalities: melt and surge. Melt is best, and ideally shared. Surge can be a challenge. I can assure you that it hurts. Or better said, it smarts. It jolts and starts. It is unbearable and yet somehow you bear it. That ecstasy verges on pain, but it feels so good you want to die in it. Apart from my own first-hand experiences, which are many and diverse, I can also attest to witnessing the surge blast through others with convulsive force. On one occasion, it happened to someone in the presence of a cording in the Serrania de Ronda, Andalucia. This cording: A feature of this cording, not shown here, was a loose thread hanging down vertically. It was left that way intentionally. Feeling mischievous, the Nagual told the creature for whom this cording had been constructed to hold the end of the thread if she wanted to feel 40,000 volts. The convulsions that followed lasted about 40 minutes with some spectacular special effects: for instance, I watched her shapeshift back to the age of fifteen or so, complete with a face showing altered features and adolescent complexion problems, and then warp shift again through her twenties and thirties back to her current age. The cording was on a steep hillside and at one point she nearly rolled out of my reach down to the bottom of the ravine, thirty feet below. On a different occasion, and in a rather more lascivious setting, another specimen of the female gender went into thrashings so strong that I had to lay on top of her to keep her from crashing off the bed and cracking her skull on the floor. So much for surge. I advise you to cultivate melt. I know that I am probably opening quite a can of kundalini words with this thread. Let's see how you handle it. The fact that the essential intel on this topic is now, and always will be, for staff only may annoy some visitors. The truth is, what I can tell the world about kundalini and sexual Tantra came to me at considerable price. I earned what I know, I came through it with my sanity intact, and what I can say now about it doesn't come free. shivering regards to all, JLL
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    • a personal experience that I took for -maybe- kundalini1 year, 5 months ago


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