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The Menhir is the current events/update page for Nemeta—like a campus bulletin board you find in the “student union” building. Entries posted in reverse chronological order can be found with most recent at the top for fast access.

The Menhir

The Menhir is the unique page in Nemeta that tracks and displays the ongoing activities of the School. Here you find the announcement of updates on newly added material, completed Blocks, Dakini Weather Watch (Who is on Shift), revisions, talks and texts in progress, proposals of projects, events and meet-ups, and more. This introduction continues below the updates.


Thursday 14th December 2021:

Day 1 of Kali Shift 2021


Enjoy this brilliant rendering of recent ravings from the Maine professor coming from Nous on the Loose. Note I have corrected the spelling and pronunciation from Amun to Amon: rhymes with gone. No big deal, as the Egyptian Amun, the Originator, stands behind both Sophia and Thelete. Actually, there seems to be a channel or vector of the Originator coming into play now with the inception of sovereign mind. NOTL has got my number. Puts the instruction together with lovely compression in ways I myself cannot do. This seven-minute vid fully displays what I have already said, and will continue to say, about the “worship” of our Primal Parents. I am thrilled. It looks like the Parable of the Golden Eggs will play out as I initially intended.

Wednesday 13th January 2021: New Moon Talk, final mp3 added to DWW 31 The Winter Our Disabuse

18 DWW 31 The Winter of Our Disabuse


Tuesday 12th January 2020: BRING BACK BEAUTY!

Never let it be forgotten that Spain is the birthplace of the Terma of Gaia Awakening. The majesty of the Aeonic Mother erupted in the Serrania de Ronda, Andalucia, coming straight out of the piezoeletric crystal of Infinity Ridge. Flamenco is an iteration of that incomparable eruption.

“Duende works on the body of the dancer of Flamenco like the wind works on sand.” Lorca

“The Fallen Goddess Scenario is the Canto Hondo of the Rhome.” JLL

Recently, I proposed to Shaktas on the staff a simple three-beat ritual dance, the Mephisto Stomp. Extrapolate it to the power of nine and you have the Flamenco stomp of heel-sole-toe. As a kinetic action, it is close to superhuman. No one is sure what Flamenco means — it appears oddly to refer to Flamengentes, who would have been Flemish soldiers stationed in Spain during the reign of Carlos V of the Netherlands. Hence, the bizarre allusion to a Flemish-Andalusian circuit, which in fact I have lived, continually moving back and forth between Belgium and Spain and writing Not in His Image in both countries.

Whatever its origin, Flamenco certainly connotes a flame. And what a flame it is. I would say that the astonishing iterations of stomping seen in this dance tease and ignite the passion of the Aeonic Mother, so that in response she erupts in a vivacious burst of living flame, embodied flame–that dance, and only that dance.

My heart beats with Spain and it will beat in Spain evermore, even when I am not here in that place. Even when I am not here at all.

Viva el Flamenco y el Canto Hondo!

PS Perhaps someone can identify the statue on the stage in Leon. Would that be Camaron de la Isla? As I write these words, the mountains to the northeast around Leon in Galicia, bordering on Asturias, are heaped across the peaks for hundreds of miles in a massive blanket of cream-white snow.

NOTICE TO STAFF: Some of you, like myself, may be receiving notifications of threads posted on the forums, whether you requested it or not. This annoyance happens due  a glitch in the wordpress platform which our tech wizard is attempting to correct.

Regarding the above image, I comment on it in a talk for DWW 31 which I am recording this evening.


Sunday 10th January 2021: Prototype of cover for Not in His Image, revised release 2021

The inverted crucifixion image comes from The Paris Eadwine Psalter c. 1200 which I investigated in the National Library of France in 2006. Below in the montage is the pediment stone from Eleusis depicting the Mystery cell and the sheaf of cut wheat.

The Eadwine Psalter is a rare medieval Ms,  one of its kind, the only existing copy. It contains lavish illustrations of Biblical scenes with mushrooms. I consulted it to gather material for a book (working title “Wise As Serpents”) which argues the case for the survival of entheogenic Mystery rituals. Below is an example of what I found.

As I studied the microfilm I was stunned to find the image of the inverted crucifixion, which I believe to be unique in religious art.

I previewed the psalter in some articles on, currently in migration to Nemeta in Course 9 Biomysticism. After 15 years, I am of course oriented in a different way this material, and my current views will be reflected strongly in the revision of NIHI. Specifically, I handle the issue of Christ/Christos in a different way, replacing the Christos with the Symbiont, and totally rejecting the divine-human hybrid/Christian savior as the supreme icon for human identity.  Thus my writing from the essays on the Eadwine Psalter, such as the paragraph extracted below, would be modified to reflect the current heretical view of the living Gnosis today.

This would clear the way to seeing the Christos-Mesotes figure as the Manitou (Spirit of the Wilderness), a kind of interspecies mediator and guide in the planetary vision quest. With this correction made, and Christos relocated in the mythic imagination, we could look elsewhere than Jesus Christ for an ideal exemplar or model of generic humanity (Anthropos, the species-identity. ). The identification of the Anthropos is, as I have noted in NIHI and on this site, the paramount unresolved issue we face due to the destruction of the Mysteries.

§ Visitors Note: I advise those who have not yet read Not in His Image in the current edition, and even those who have, to bear in mind that the 2021 edition will present certain key topics in a different way. Staff at Nemeta are aware of these changes, but you would not be. Both the Sophianic narrative (in some episodes)  and my views on the radical heresy of Gnosis have advanced over the last 15 years. The 2021 release will be the ultimate version of NIHI, the platinum edition intended to stand to the end of the Kalpa and represent my legacy in full clarity and magnitude.



Iconic image of Sophia-Hathor to complement Jupiter-Amon in the practice of “worship” proposed for the inception of sovereign mind.


Friday 8th January 2021: Synopsis of DWW31 audio added Dakini Weather Watch Audio Synopses


Wednesday 6th January 2021: I have added the Sophia-Hathor image to 18 DWW 31 The Winter of Our Disabuse so that it can be downloaded and printed out. We are now in completion with Kurukulla up to January 14, the last day of her shift. More text and talk due to be loaded in DWW 31 with emphasis on the Iron Cross Sentinel. Also I will be posting a YT talk on What the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction of 2021 (not an error) signals for humanity. Go here for Sophia-Hathor image for non staff members Kurukulla Shift, December 2018


Monday 4th January 2021: New unit in Course 2 Sophianic Cosmology: The Story Arc of the Fallen Goddess Scenario with a supplementary unit, Aquarian Waves.


Saturday 2nd January 2012: In DWW 31 : PREVIEW – The Inception of Sovereign Mind


Friday 1st January 2021: I’ve been following the volcanic activity around the world since Sakurajima in Japan, which caught my attention a month or so ago. You may recall that the Sakurajima eruption occurred when I was deep in contemplation of the narrative of the Orion Men (Nephilim, Cloud Men, Giants of Old) who figure in the Chthonian Romance, a long chapter of FGS 2.0, sequential to the Home Story.

By the way, Sakurajima is still erupting with Nephilim-like shapes. So is — right now —  Popocatlpetl, overlooking the Valley of Mexico, site of the Aztec Empire that fell in 1521. Incidentally, this telluric event runs parallel to an ongoing mythophrenic fugue about the Aztecs and Tezcatlipoca’s curse. I have not yet reported on this fugue: it is running too densely and intensely for me to extract some elements and convert them into clear language — yet. A couple of months ago, upon rereading the magnificent study of Miguel Leon-Portilla, Aztec Thought and Culture, I fell into an obsession about speaking Nahuatl. I went around the house bursting out with phrases in Nahautl at all hours of the day and night. The Tezca fugue included some phylogenetic intel (ancestral memory) about that notorious Nahua sorcerer which blew me totally out of my socks. I am still processing that fugue.

Adding the above paragraph to The Menhir (9 PM in Spain), I was tempted to say: It appears that volcanic activity in certain places around the world is apposite to various chords and themes of my current mythophrenic fugues. How grandiose is that? How dare I say that? But what if it’s true? As I was writing the paragraph above, I decided not to make that claim. You’ve already had an enormous dose of my epic self-importance. HowEVuuuuur… The next time I went to the internet to check on something, only a minute ago, this clip appeared at the top of the suggestion feed:

Did I hear someone say that the Aeonic Mother hacked into the internet so that she can use it synchronistically to message her witnesses? ‘NUFF SAID!

Right here, right now is a snippet of a prehistory lesson to kick off the new year:

Rock painting at Tassili n’Ajjer, a plateau in Algeria.

According to the Sophianic narrative, human animals did not emerge on earth until after the Cambrian Explosion, dated to 585-535 million years ago.  The first humans were women who emerged from the sea snakes that went on land, morphing first into succulents  (tubular plants) and then into trees — the Gaian arboreal nymphs. Their male counterparts arrived from the nebular cloud M 42 and dropped into the atmosphere, initially appearing as vast roiling giants, the Nephilim (from Greek nephele, cloud). The conjugation of the Hunters from Orion and the Gaian Sidhe (Sh-eee) took many millennia, and gradually the males condensed into anatomy that could persist on the ground.

Massive forces of attraction and repulsion played into this drama, the telluric enactment of the gender rift. Ancestral memory among the Greeks recorded these events as the marital squabbles of Zeus and Hera. Zeus represents the atmospheric rampage of the Orion men, and Hera, the centrifugal force of the earthbound women. Hera is the binding power of the planet as well as the dreaming power of the Sidhe. It resists being torn apart by the turbulent intrusion of the Orion men, who were hunters and stalkers rather than dreamers (Castaneda’s jargon fits the case beautifully).  Hera was jealous due to the many sexual escapades of Zeus… get the drift? Zeus has the additional connotation of Thelete, the fathering power of the Anthropos, and Hera, of course, the earthbound mothering power, Sophia.

Eventually this antagonistic situation resulted in full embodiment of the Orion men, largely due to sexual attraction and “down-breeding”, i.e., descent into meiotic reproduction. Conjugal reproduction and birth through the female body were late developments of the Anthropines, a long and troublesome adaptation, as it remains today. Sexual dynamics guided the process at every stage, thus below:

This is a simplified line rendering of a petroglyph from Tassili n’Ajjer.  Clear enough?

So much for prehistorical allusions and memes that came up through volcanic eruptions at the end of 2020. What about volcanic omens for the new year? Today, upon opening the IT oracle, this vid appeared at the top of the feed:

The time-lapse stream immediately brought to mind an image found on various Gnostic amulets, sometimes associated with the Demiurge and a serpentine power named Chnoubis. The word is a meld of the Greek root chthon-, “of the root, of the earth, earthbound, infernal” and ophis, “serpent”, and it plays on the Egyptian name for the dog-headed god of the Necropolis, Anubis.  This is powerful word-play.

Such are four examples of the same figure. It was pictured on Gnostic amulets, not because Gnostics revered or worshiped this power, but for purposes of aversion, apotropaic magic. Also, Gnostics abided by the old rule of demonic identification: to name and picture an adversarial demon is to subdue it, even control it. According to Hibiru tradition codified by Talmudic juju-men, the sacred name of the supreme deity was not to be pronounced. In Faust, likewise, Mephisto does not say his name. Gnostics not only openly named the Archontic Trickster, Ialdabaoth aka Yahweh/Jehovah, but they also pictured it on gems and amulets as a talisman of aversion. They called the averting agency Chnoupis, the primordial earth serpent that protects from the Demiurge.

Here, now, on the first day of 2020, the volcanic forces of the earth in Guatemala erupt with the spitting image of the Demiurge. The message is: The enemy of humanity is out in the open. It has an identified shape, it has a specific name. This omen renders the power to subdue and even destroy that diabolic power thus pictured and named. It reveals that Chnoupis oversees the year to come.

And why Guatemala? Look at the second figure that emerges at 7:49:24 where the time lapse vid is frozen. It immediately suggests a kneeling figure carrying a box or backpack. There is a suggestion of a helmet and Spaniel ears. That is a style of cap typically worn in Central America from ancient times. Intriguing, perhaps. But it gets better. The shape climbing out of le Volcan de Fuego after the serpentine eruption is a close match to the Maya figure of “The Burden of Years”. And, of course, the heart of Maya culture was Guatemala — for instance, Tikal and Copan, with the eastern branch located in the Yucatan.

I will consider this intriguing theme of “the burden of time” in forthcoming units here on Nemeta. It relates intimately to the theme of “the inception of sovereign mind” which I have introduced publicly in The Parable of the Golden Eggs.


November 2020 School Activity now archived to The Menhir’s curriculum units: The Menhir December 2020




The Home Story (FGS)

For the Fallen Goddess Scenario (FGS) free online course in 9 episodes go here:



Dog Zen




Introduction to The Menhir, Continued:

Notifications sent out via the Mailing List to both Members and Subscribers will also inform you of these ongoing activities. This page mirrors those periodic announcements by email and in some cases alerts you to new content, be it talk or text, that gets omitted from the announcements due to the rapidity and fluidity of John’s ongoing efforts to amplify the curricula, refine and reframe the content, and provide clear and “simplific” direction for your studies.

Announcements at the Menhir consistently track progressing content throughout the School and in 16. Planetary Tantra, free to all. It will also signal content on 18. Breaking Nous, and 17. The Terma and the Terton, available to Members only.

The sacred groves where the Mysteries were originally performed were sanctuaries of natural beauty where rocks and mineral formations were carefully observed. There might be a special rock at the boundary of the sanctuary, as there was a “stepping stone” on Infinity Ridge:

There it was a flat stone (barely visible in this photo) on the left at the base of the wild olive standing offside the welcome grove. When you stepped on it you formally entered the ritual space of the Ridge, then proceeding through the gracious arboreal corridor to the Devi Tree. (Sierra del Hacho, Andalucia. Sierra de Libar to the right, northwest)

In many cases, sacred stone markers were erected in the wild sanctuaries. A single standing stone was called a menhir (Brythonic maen, “stone” and hir, “long”). An arresting geomagnetic marker in the force field of the nemeton, the menhir had acoustic properties as well. Touching it, you could hear differently. Sitting in contact with it would deepen the shaman’s reach into the Nagual. It also served as a geodetic marker for placing the local site in the setting of seasonal cycles, aligned to the solstices and equinoxes, the cross-quarter days, and the rising and setting of prominent stars. Hence, it was a multi-purpose tool of orientation.

It is advisable to check the Menhir for orientation on Nemeta from time to time. Below you will find entries listed in reverse chronological order, most recent at top for easy access. This list will grow and morph in the course of each month. At the completion of each month, the activity recorded will be archived in the curriculum panel: “ARCHIVES”

One final word: I do wish to keep Nemeta supplied with occasional fresh input, additional to what it requires of me to maintain the burgeoning structure, the ongoing organization of the Blocks, editing, revision, etc. But I can only do what I can do, and as it pleases me… Time is at premium for me now and I have undertaken a writing project, the consummation of my life’s work and the closing revelation of my mystic journey.

Teach as you learn

– jll Autumn Equinox 2018


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