Course 9 Biomysticism

Course 9 in Nemeta presents a rich and varied range of material that interfaces closely with 1 Gaian Alchemy. Intimate to both studies is the concept of the morphic field, and a tremendous concept it is.

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The topic of Course 9, Biomysticism, could as well apply to Planetary Tantra in its entirety, and certainly defines its purpose: the investigation of the mysterious and mystical aspects of life itself. I dedicated Not in His Image to the mystics of the future. But that dedication was not intended for the usual garden-variety mystics who believe the world in an illusion, seek to find ultimate reality outside the realm of the senses, and suffer from the trite illusion that consciousness or spirit can be realized in a condition dissociated from material nature.

This course interfaces closely with 1 Gaian Alchemy and 10 Mythophrenia. Some units in these courses are interchangeable and could as well be posted in other places than where you find them. All in all, courses 1, 9, and 10 together comprise the total spectrum of theory and practice of the living Gnosis today. How can you know anything without knowing about the biological basis of your existence? The material of this course resonates closely with the signature line of, from The Function of the Orgasm by Wilhelm Reich:

“Knowledge of that which is alive can alone banish terror.”

I am relatively content with this course which has now developed to the 105 block. It will continue to flourish as there are already quite a few complete but unreleased units ready to be posted here. Perhaps the moment will come when it will carry material on psychoacoustics, a topic of deep interest to me which I have unfortunately not been able to investigate to my satisfaction.

Also, I am certain that studies in the electromagnetism of the body will eventually contribute to this course. If I myself am not able to develop this material, I am confident that other Shaktas will take up the slack in one way or another.

§ I propose the term “biomysticism” as a gateway concept that covers a range of studies based on a single, two-part premise:

All moral and creative expressions of the human animal derive from the vital ambiance of the earth, the telluric matrix, and may be imbued with the qualities of awe, wonder, and delight to the highest degree if the human subject refers these expressions back to that source.

Awe, wonder, and delight are attributes of the mystical. As explained in Not In His Image:

Silence surrounded all the ‘Mysteries,’ a word that derives from the Greek verb myo-, meaning ‘to shut the eyes,’ or ‘to keep one’s mouth shut,’ especially ‘in fear of danger’ or, by extension, ‘in the face of awe.'” [Note 128 Luther H. Martin, Hellenistic Religions: An Introduction, 1987]

There is a common and routine assumption that contrasts all things mystic and mystical to ordinary life, so-called. But I contend that what is mystical–deep, alluring, and mysterious, instilling awe and even speechlessness–permeates life (bio). It determines the hidden subtext of life. Hence, the biomystical approach comprises those attitudes and practices by which the human animal comes to sense and express the depth dimension of its existence.

Severed Rose (in 17, The Terma and the Terton) is a testimony to a mystical life self-realized by connecting back to the source of life. The parable of that account is simple and universal: you undergo separation from the source so that you can undertake the mystical journey of rediscovering it. The rose must be severed to bring attention to the power that produces it.

The theme of Course 9 also relates intimately to the prospect of Sophianic Animism. I say “prospect” because it is just that: not something that so far exists, but might come to pass. With a chuckle and a nudge, I could say that Sophianic Animism is “PT Lite.” PT for the masses. However, in view of the fact that PT is Gnosis, and Gnosis is not another religion but an alternative to all religions, one may wonder how Sophianic Animism, postulated as a religion, might play out. And I do wonder about that.

Such considerations hover in the air throughout this Course, and I invite student-allies to ponder them with me. At the end of the day, all such considerations reduce to one insight: biomysticism reveals the richness of life in the presence of the Aeonic Mother, and that includes ordinary life even though peak moments of biomystical rapture seem to overflow it.

Alchemical effigy of Diana of Ephesus

Not in His Image, Ch. 8 Inside the Mysteries:

Brahminical teachings on the Great Goddess confirm the firsthand testimony found in Hellenistic writings. “As the feminine (shakti) of Brahma, Sarasvati is the goddess of overflowing, abundant discourse (Vac), and of revelation and wisdom,” explains noted Indologist, Heinrich Zimmer.

The vahana or vehicle of a divinity is the instrument of its revelation through the human senses.

When the Goddess is called, “radiant white one,” she is compared to the whiteness of the soft, creamy glacial cap of Mount Kailas. The milky whiteness of snow resembles the visible Mystery light. In Buddhism the goddess who represents this vision is the White Tara, who is closely associated with Amitayus and Amitabha, Buddhas of Infinite Light. Visualizations of the White Tara as the “youthful one with full breasts,” whose body “exudes the great transcendental bliss,” can produce rejuvenation and even immortality. The visionary encounter in the Mysteries was intensely vital, imparting the secrets of life—a biomystical revelation, one might say.

In Asian tradition, illumination deities such as Tara descend from prehistoric tree goddesses or from the “Mother Tree,” Mutvidr. “The World Tree, expressing its milky golden sap, denotes ‘absolute reality,’ a return to centre and place of origin, the home of wisdom that heals.”

The practice of Gnosis was full-body illumination in the presence of Sacred Nature whom Gnostics knew as a feminine divinity clothed in animated currents of undulant white light.

§ September 16, 2018 on the quartermoon (D7) of the shift of Sarasvati-Shodashi, The Beautiful One of the Three Worlds. – jll

ADDENDUM 1 April 2020:

Swan Deva shift signaled by the sunset crescent in the constellation of the WHALES

Geomagnetism and Biomysticism

I am taking this moment to supplement the landing page of Course 9 Biomysticism with fresh intel that has come to my attention today. Limited selective use of the internet may at times yield synchronicity, the meaningful coincidence of what one is thinking about and what comes spontaneously into the field of attention. I have found such synchronicity to occur most often if I am not intentionally seeking information or research to confirm what I am thinking about. Going to the internet in that case is rather like pulling the arm of the three-armed slot machine in a casino:  you win when you have a three-cherry event. What I am describing here is a five-cherry event.

NOTE: I am releasing this content on the landing page where anyone, even those who are not registered guests, can access it. Although the material below could as well have gone into a unit in the curriculum panel, I am placing it here so that those who come to this Course will have the benefit of brilliant confirmation of what is meant by biomysticism, a term which, I realize, may come over as somewhat baffling to newcomers, and perhaps even to long-time students of my work. – jll

The video from Thunderbolts Project, platform of EU/plasma cosmology, presents a concise overview of how animal behavior, including humans, is responsive to the geomagnetic field of the earth — the bema, bio-electric-magnetic aura.  This clear and meticulously illustrated presentation, running under 10 minutes, also touches on key terms of biomysticism, Sophianic cosmology, and Gaian alchemy. I will highlight these terms as they arise, following the voiceover of the video.

§ Commentary

“Stars form electromagnetically along vast networks of filaments, like pearls on a string.” Vedic cosmology describes the Net of Indra, Indrajala, in exactly this way. Indra = the Originator of Gnostic cosmology in the FGS, Fallen Goddess Scenario. The Sanskrit work jala also occurs at a description of pearl-like beading in the field of living plasma, Akasha. It can mean net or beadwork. Literally, jala is water, but more exactly the dewpoint of water. By implication, the universe is full of water in clouds (nebulae) and immense beaded fields of dewpoint. Recently, massive repositories of water have been detected by astrophysicists. In Egyptian mythology, the name for the vastness of primordial waters is NUN.

The sun as an anode: illustrated in the FGS in the emergence of the Mother Sun, Sabaoth, the celestial body composed of stellar plasma that comes into dynamic coupling with the plasma plume of the Aeon Sophia as she is morphing into the earth. Hence the electrical bonding of earth and sun.

Solar outbursts arise co-dynamically with lightning storms on earth. Dynamic coupling is a key concept in Gaia theory. In the jargon of Hindu Tantra, this is dyadic bonding, maithuna. It is a perfect correlate also to co-emergence in Tibetan Buddhist jargon. In the ultimate picture, everything that happens is simultaneous. Linear time is on the one hand an illusion, Kali’s trick, but on the other it is the necessary condition for organic beings to comprehend their unique frequency bands—umwelt, a term in ethology.

Radioactive decay rates—residue of scientific error and bad syntax. Fantasy material.

Correlation between solar storms and the beaching of grey whales, the largest mammals on earth. Cue to the constellation of the WHALES, or FISHES.

Magnetoreception in this species. Okay, here goes. All animals are designed for magnetoreception, and anthropines are so in an exceptional way. How? They can convert the signals in the magnetic field of the earth into concepts and images and express it in language, thus communicating their mutual experience and building the morphic field unique to the Anthropic, which varies from race to race due to what the races arise.

Magnetic fields affect migrating animals, birds, fish, insects—something that has been known for quite a while. All the solid science here, by the way, is almost totally disregarded by mainstream scientists and researchers. There is no money in it. So far.

“Terrestrial life is connected to astronomical interrelations.” If I do say so myself, the main body of my work over 50 years, including Celestics, amply demonstrates this assertion. A core principle of biomysticism: planets and stars do not influence human behavior in a deterministic way; rather, they are instrumental to the overall biofeedback field or autogenic matrix of life on earth and beyond.

Triggered by magnetic storms. Dakini weather! The Aeonic Mother, Gaia, often expresses herself to her intimate witnesses through violent atmospheric turbulence. She can speak in thunder, confirming that she observes what her witnesses are doing, as I proved in the GNE. A text in the NHC where Sophia reveals her powers to the mystic devotee is called Thunder, Perfect Mind.

Magnetoreception in homing pigeons and turtles. How can these animals find their way around the planet, covering thousands of miles, and the human animal cannot get around the block? Anthropines are also designed with such faculties—which, however, require conscious attention and concentration to be activated.

Magnetic cows! Holy Moly Mamacita!

Human sensitivity to geomagnetic fields: this is the basis of biomysticism. The rebel scientists of Thunderbolts now bring out this proposition without, however, going to the point of admitting that plasma is alive; nor do they yet grasp the possibility of conscious interactivity with the living planet. But practices in biomysticism do just that.

2019 paper uses the term transduction. To be distinguished from transception. Those two terms taken together comprise the frontier of biomystical practices, autogenics, and Gaian Tantra. I would have to compose an entire treatise to comment on this intel. Suffice it to say there is a head-heart connection, and a heart-sex connection integral uniquely to the human animal. All three of these circuits process the biomagnetism of the earth in different but interacting ways. The Biology of Transcendence by J. C. Pearce offers a full course study in the head-heart interaction. Required reading for Nemeta Course 9!

Transduction is the condition you are in continually, through which the biomagnetic field of the earth—more completely, the bio-electrical-magnetic aura, the bema—runs through your body. The locus of transduction is the heart, of transception, the brain. In the normal state, transduction of telluric forces can be sensed by your heart talking to you. But this kind of communication, although it may occasionally produce vivid intuitive flashes, is not a clear channel of two-way communication between the human animal and Gaia-Sophia.  In transception, the circuit verges into ideation and language.

I have described extensively what transception of telluric frequencies is, and have demonstrated it on many occasions. The slang among Shaktas is receiving DI, Dakini Instruction.

Extract from Toward the Secret Gathering in Planetary Tantra:

Dakini Wisdom emerges in your ordinary mindstream as an alternative current of thought that gradually becomes more and more distinct from your own stream of inner talk. To learn this distinction is to acquire trained clairaudience, transception.

Clairaudience is a time-tried method in Tibetan Tantra and many other schools of cognitive illumination. Long Chen Pa (1308–1364/9) was a high siddha of the Nyingma Pa, the school of Tibetan Tantra to which Kala Tantra may be compared. The method he practiced and taught is called in Tibetan sems dpa’ rdo rje, and in Sanskrit, sattvavajra. This is a process of interactive transmission between the Wisdom Sphere of the Dakinis and human mentation, self-conscious thinking. In this process, the pure ground dimension of the non-originated mind (rigpa) converses spontaneously with itself. Scholars translate sems dpa’ rdo rje as “cognitive responsiveness” (Lipman and Peterson, You Are the eyes of the World).

Extract from Cruising the Lunar Shaktis in Planetary Tantra:

Dakini instruction may not involve visual perception of the transmitting devatas. As in “the Tibetan treasure tradition of channelled authorial voices (Germano and Gyatso, Tantra In Practice),” transmission is detected clairaudiently as a vein of crystal-clear syntax in the mindstream. In other words, transception of dakini instruction involves the attention required for subliminal hearing: listening to your own thought flow at an exceptionally deep level.

Following the lunar sequence through the month puts your ordinary mind in snych with the wavelength on which transception can occur. These wavelengths are uniquely lunar. They carry the reflex frequencies of the Gaian mind itself—the aspect of the planetary intelligence that is reflected in the lunar cycle. The moon along with the sun is an integral part of the Gaian cosmos, a triune system. The moon does not merely, passive reflect the light of the sun, like a shiny rock. It actively reflects and transmits the operate wavelengths of the Gaian mind. The Mayavidyas and Dakinis of the Shakti Cluster are vital and vibrant channels in the console of that mind.

Clear enough?

Returning to the video: It is essential to know that the geomagnetic field of the planet is alive in a different way than human animals, and other animals; but the two types of living electricity, animating currents, co-emerge. Co-animation is the core revelation of biomysticism.

From The Cancer Biopathy (1948), Wilhelm Reich:

First of all, there are the effects of “body magnetism.” Many physicians and lay therapists  make practical use of the magnetic forces. Yet we are not convinced that these forces, which emanate from organic, colloidal, non-metallic substances, are iron-magnetic. In what follows, we shall provide experimental proof that the energy of the human organism is not identical with iron magnetism.

The Mother is Other. Here bema frequencies are distinct from those carried by the human animal due to the way the earth was formed with the absorption of a mass of inorganic material—an event described in the NHC Apocryphon of John: “Sophia in turning into the earth committed adultery with the Archons.” Read: the Organic Light of her primary substance body was adulterated due to compression in the Kenoma, the region of the galactic arms outside the Pleroma, the galactic core.  By contrast, the anthropic template of the human species is pre-terrestrial. Hence, its electromagnetic properties do not derive entirely from the telluric matrix where it lives.

You are not “one with the earth” energetically, as if in solid unity. You are in union, dyadically, with the earth. This distinction is a fundamental premise of biomysticism. The key biological linking factor between human body magnetism and earth body magnetism is, of course, hemoglobin.

5m 23s: The image of the toroidal force field of the earth shown here is reproduced in the toroidal field of the body illustrated by Pearce in The Biology of Transcendence. The human aura is a toroid focused in thirteen nodes of vital force. The novel thirteen node “chakra” system is an essential feature of NUgenics.

Chizhevsky’s monumental work in heliobiology is regarded today as quack science by the quackademic scientists who uphold mainstream dogmas.

Influence of local geomagnetic storms on arterial blood pressure. These findings go right to the heart—literally—of biomystical practice. Additional to the interplay of dystole and systole in the human heartbeat, there is the differential of arterial blood, oxygenated, flowing through the left side of the heart and the lungs, and venous blood, deoxygenated, flowing through the right side, but not the lungs. This property of dyadic transduction can actually be felt. In fact, you feel it all the time though usually without being able to define it consciously. The blood pressure difference in the two types of blood is huge: arterial 120/80 mm Hg, venous 5/8 mm Hg in the atrium. This differential can be felt as a subtle pressure in the heart, a fluctuating pressure, a tremor. When you “read” the tremor, you can experience intuitions that arise spontaneously, something like emotive signals. These signals can translate into messages which may be interpreted as the earth speaking to you, as if murmuring or whispering at a subliminal level.

Mysticism derives from the Greek verb muein, to murmur, to speak through compressed lips.

Intuitive flashes of this type can be inspiring but they remain vague, inchoate. Through transception the language of the heart gains full and vivid expression. It takes mastery of the head-heart circuit working integrally to achieve and sustain DI.

Back to the video: Geomagnetic storms and suicide. People are often driven to suicide or self-harming actions by racing ideation. Suicidal ideation is a well-known event in psychopathology. When the head and heart circuits are not integrated, the neuronal firing in the brain can run away and plunge into racing ideation. This circuit is to sensitive to environing factors (ambient electromagnetic field) in the bema such that solar storms can provoke ideation that leads to suicide and other violent, irrational acts.

By the way, there is a pathological syndrome of the head circuit as here described, and also a pathological syndrome of the heart circuit running amok: this is called the emotional plague (see Reich in extenso). Typical of SJWs and righteous people who tell others how to live, as well as those who play the victim and those who have excessive empathy for those who play the victim. “Welcome refugees.” One might call it toxic empathy.

7m 56 s: Image of the human toroid-aura, identical to that found in Pearce’s book.

Jerry Tennant: “Healing is voltage.” Is that so? I’ve often used the trope of 20,000 volts to describe connecting to the Aeonic Mother. When you become adept in PT, it runs to 40,000. Not literally of course, I am suggesting intensity. I have seen people hit by “40,000 volts” in a telestic session.

Therapeutic use of magnetic fields and “scalar energy”: fully developed in autogenic practice with the Shakti Cluster app.

TNN — The Telluric Neural Network Audio:

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9.100 How to Stop the World (Maybe) 1012 years, 10 months
9.101 NUgenics Introduction 1012 years, 10 months
9.101 A Paraphrase of GHk for NUgenics 1012 years, 10 months
9.101 Nugenics: A Gaian View of the Seasonal Flu 1012 years, 10 months
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9.102 Tree and Well 1012 years, 10 months
9.102 The Magician of the Beautiful 1012 years, 10 months
9.102 The Heart-Head Connection 1012 years, 10 months
9.103 The Anthropogenic Morphic Field 1012 years, 10 months
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9.104 Illuminated Heresy 1012 years, 10 months
9.104 Forbidden Fruit 1012 years, 10 months
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9 Protocols of Telestic Shamanism 1012 years, 10 months
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