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§ I have variously referred to the Home Story on as FGS 1.0 and 1.5. In fact, it would be designated FGS 1.10 or more. It is the result of more than a dozen reworkings of the narrative over as many years. For consistency I will use 1.0. It is preceded by NIHI 2006, the Legacy Version, and NIHI 2013, with slight changes in the text, replacing Christos by Theleté in Episode 2 and elsewhere but retaining Christos for the Pleromic intercession in Episode 8.

For the definitive overview of iterations of the FGS coming forward to the present 7.7 see The Story Arc of the Fallen Goddess Scenario.

NIHI 2021 introduces significant changes in the sequence of events , for instance, in Ch. 10, The Fallen Goddess, moving the intercession from Ep 8 to Ep 9. Also, it shows extensive changes in the intercession event, replacing Christos by the Symbiont/Ekklesia, Aggregator. It renames Ch. 22, formerly Divine Imagination, as Sophia’s Correction, and it shows extensive revision in Ch. 23, The Species-Self Identity (formerly, The Species-Self Connection) and Ch. 25, Sacred Ecology. It includes also an Author’s Preface for the 15th anniversary.

The 2021 revisions are (more or less!) consistent with the FGS 1.0 released on inn August 2020. Below in the curriculum panel you find the nine Episodes presented in four units:

Episodes 1,2,3
Episodes 4,5
Episodes 6,7
Episodes 8,9

§ NOTE: I am considering doing audios for the narratives, excluding the terms and expansion, but I would prefer it to be read by a woman.


I am working with Nemeta design wizard Lisa on a book version of The Home Story, formatting it with InDesign. I want to see this book as the first release of Terma Publishing to be sold through Nemeta online, POD, print on demand. All proceeds will go to running the school. Financial sponsorship of this and other Terma projects including The Kali Dice Oracle can be arranged as tax-free donations or sponsor-share agreements that would return a percentage of revenues to the sponsor. This is not an investment scheme in conventional terms, no interest being attached. For instance, a $2000 contribution would be repaid via an agreed percentage on net sales revenues, and return would be ongoing after it was completely reimbursed.


Revisions explained at length in this unit:

2 Christos or Thelete


Short introduction to the Home Story

Reading of Orientation essay for the Home Story

§ Archival material: original writings on which predate the release of NIHI in November 2006:

The Fall of the Wisdom Goddess in Nine Episodes

Summary and Evaluation

Textual Sources

Overview of the Gaia Mythos

Sharing the Gaia Mythos

Sources of the Gaia Mythos

GAIA MYTHOS (Prose poem) 1 – 8

Commentaries on the GAIA MYTHOS

I let these essays stand as they are. Given time, they would appear revised and edited on Nemeta.

Thanks to Hans Carlsson for preserving on the URL of these links. The original URL for retains Planetary Tantra but indicates that all the other material is in migration to Nemeta.






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