Introduction to Course 6 Living Myth

“What is that talent which it is a curse to hide?”

Joseph Campbell, comparative mythologist

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AUD: Introduction to 6 Living Myth

Romantic Meltdown

There is no better way to introduce the topic of living myth than by the reference I have often made to the Romantic Movement. In fact, when all is said and done, Romanticism could be defined as the religion of imagination. (In this essay, I concentrate mainly on the English Romantics: Blake, Shelley, Coleridge, Wordsworth. The source book is Natural Supernaturalism by M. H. Abrams — Xenosh alert — which is prolix and tedious but contains many invaluable citations.)

The bedrock of all Romantic poetry and art exhibits a fissure that you may conceive in the form of a tautology, a proposition that validates itself by reference to itself.

Romantics univerally claimed and proclaimed in their works, produced by the power of imagination, that imagination is the ultimate power that produces their works, or any great work of the human spirit.

Citations supporting this statement could run into the hundreds.

So what is my beef with the assertion of the quasi-divine power of “that talent which it is a sin to hide”? The problem with the Romantic view of creative imagination is that it entails a false dyad. The talent abides in humanity, endowed in the species. What is the source of that power? Water pours from a fountain,

Third Temple Mania

From Jerusalem:

Devils are False Religions. Saul! Saul! why persecutest thou me?

I give you the end of a golden string;

Only wind it into a ball,

It will lead you in at Heaven’s gate,

Built in Jerusalem’s wall.

We are told to abstain from fleshly desires that we may lose no time from the Work of the Lord. Every moment lost is a moment that cannot be redeemed: every pleasure that intermingles with the duty of our station is a folly unredeemable, and is planted like the seed of a wild flower among our wheat. All the tortures of repentance are tortures of self-reproach on account of our leaving the Divine Harvest to the Enemy, the struggles of entanglement with incoherent roots.

I know of no other Christianity and of no other Gospel than the liberty both of body and mind to exercise the Divine Arts of Imagination—Imagination, the real and Eternal World of which this Vegetable Universe is but a faint shadow, and in which we shall live in our Eternal or Imaginative Bodies, when these Vegetable Mortal Bodies are no more. The Apostles knew of no other Gospel.

What were all their spiritual gifts? What is the Divine Spirit? Is the Holy Ghost any other than an Intellectual Fountain? What is the harvest of the Gospel and its labours? What is that talent which it is a curse to hide? What are the treasures of Heaven which we are to lay up for ourselves? Are they any other than mental studies and performances? What are all the gifts of the Gospel? Are they not all mental gifts? Is God a Spirit who must be worshipped in spirit and in truth? And are not the gifts of the Spirit everything to Man? O ye Religious, discountenance every one among you who shall pretend to despise Art and Science! I call upon you in the name of Jesus! What is the life of Man but Art and Science? Is it meat and drink? Is not the Body more than raiment? What is Mortality but the things relating to the Body, which dies? What is Immortality but the things relating to the Spirit, which lives eternally? What is the Joy of Heaven but improvement in the things of the Spirit? What are the Pains of Hell but Ignorance, Bodily Lust, Idleness, and devastation of the things of the Spirit?

Answer this to yourselves, and expel from among you those who pretend to despise the labours of Art and Science, which alone are the labours of the Gospel. Is not this plain and manifest to the thought? Can you think at all, and not pronounce heartily: that to labour in knowledge is to build up Jerusalem; and to despise knowledge is to despise Jerusalem and her Builders. And remember: He who despises and mocks a mental gift in another, calling it pride and selfishness and sin, mocks Jesus, the giver of every mental gift, which always appear to the ignorance-loving hypocrite as sins; but that which is a sin in the sight of cruel Man, is not so in the sight of our kind God. Let every Christian, as much as in him lies, engage himself openly and publicly, before all the World, in some mental pursuit for the Building up of Jerusalem.

Wow. Whew. Phew. My response to this passage in Blake is, “Whoa there, Big Boy! Allow me to cite you one of the oft-cited aphorisms from your masterpiece of appositional wisdom, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: “The cistern contains, the fountain overflows.” By cistern, I take it you might imply a sewer.  (Blake nods.) Yes, well then, it is certainly true that the fountain overflows, it is designed to do just that, but so does the cistern when it’s full of shit.”

Don’t get me wrong. I respect Blake. I have had the pleasure to sit at 4 0’clock tea sipping a fine Darjeeling and discretely chumping on ginger biscuits with Kathleen Raine, doyenne of Blake studies. That was in her home in Chelsea circa 1987. We sat in the back garden and peeking into the hallway I could see an original Blake water color on the wall. Inseresting, perhaps, that I purchased from her a full set of Temenos, the esoterically slanted academic journel she founded in 1961. My progression has run from Temenos (sacred sanctuary) to Nemeta (sacred groves). What do you make of that? What would she make of it? My purpose in this introduction is to tell you what I make of it.

But that will come as on great surprize.

Third Temple Mania

Compare this diatribe to the situation today: Trump approves the location of the American Embassy un Jerusalem and Jews of all stripes and odors gleefuly prepare to celebrate the construction of the Third Temple. In the living myth of the Jewish people, the Temple is not merely a symbol or allegory, and it has no “spiritual” (i.e., higher, non-corporeal) value, such as Blake would have invoked. No, it is the main office of business for Jewish domination of world finance, as well as the location for the international Court of Justice to be conducted by the Zaddikim.

The mythic fantasy of Third Temple Jerusalem now emerges, coming boldly out into the open. The center of activism is in Isreal, of course, but not merely there. For some decades now, Anatoly Fomenko, a Russian mathematician, has been laboring intensively on a reformulation of the timeline of recorded history. the new chronology of Fomenko was inspired by Morosov, a Party member…


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6.100 The Great Deception: Pt. I 01:30:00
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