Orientation to Course 2 Cosmology

Nemeta Course 2 on Cosmology is, not surprisingly, a vast undertaking with the sacred narrative of the Mysteries as the centerpiece. It goes without saying that cosmology in this modern-day Mystery School is Sophianic at the core, and Sophianic out to the farthest dimensions of space, time, and human imagination.

NOTE: From the start, I’ve advised the pronunciation So-FI-uh to distinguish the name of the Aeonic Mother from the common name, So-FEE-uh. But I’ve usually tended to say So-FEE-an-ik, reverting to the common form. Here on out, I’ll be saying So-FI-an-ik to be consistent. Those who are so inclined may follow my lead here, but no binding rule is implied. The adjectival form can be variable, the nominative, not.

At various places in the units comprising the Blocks for this Course, I will refer to the first or elementary version of the Fallen Goddess Scenario: FGS 1.0. As the Course develops, you will have the opportunity to follow how the sacred narrative morphs and extrapolates. I myself am quite astounded by the elaboration of the narrative. You may date FGS 1.0 to Not in His Image, released in November of 2006. Note, that date is pre-Terma. Of course, I inaugurated metahistory.org in July of 2002, five years earlier. You could argue that FGS 1.0 first appeared on that site, later in the book. That is true but I prefer taking November 2006 as the inception date. So, as I write, the narrative is twelve years in the making. That is equivalent to the cycle of Jupiter.

In November 2006 Jupiter was in 26 Scorpio (sign), placing it in the claws of the SCORPION constellation. Currently, August 2018, Jupiter is at 16 Scorpio, placing it in the right pan of the SCALES constellation. It returns to 26 Scorpio in mid-October, completing the full 12-year cycle since NIHI was published. Bear in mind that its position in the real-sky, visible constellations displays the graphic image of RESET:

“Scorpion Mother resets the Scales.”

Obviously, if the Aeonic Mother intends to reset the divine experiment with the Anthropos before the end of the Kalpa, as protocols require, she has to have certain conditions provided, so that Reset is achievable in human reality. The first and essential condition is that her narrative be once again known to the world. That condition was fulfilled in 2006 with Jupiter in the left claw of the SCORPION, right where it jars the crossbeam of the SCALES; and now the same omen stands in the sky, signalling that the FGS has undergone twelve years of development since its introduction.

Course Orientation Talk: Gravity, Buoyancy, and the Organic Light (AUD 2.101n Gravity) This talk came out of some conversations on Radio Gaianym a propos of the flat earth controversy.

Gravity, Buoyancy, and the Organic Light:


It might seem an odd choice of a topic to consider in the orientation to this Course. But in fact, the question of gravity is central to physics and astronomical physics as well as to Sophianic Cosmology where levity comes into play at the cosmic counterpart of gravity. So, I provide this talk as a way to put those topics on the table from the onset of this Course. It offers a close look at the Newtonian concept of gravity with reference to the original source, the Principia Mathematica. What a surprize it is to learn that Newton posited gravity as a calculable phenomenon, and provided the equation (borrowing from Kepler), but he admitted that he was ignorant of the force that produced the phenomenon, and made no assertion (“I make no hypothesis.”) concerning what it might be. I assure all students that if you know this single fact about the theory of gravity, you already know more than most college professors, astronomers, and physicists!


  • 6 Living Myth on actualization of the myth in present-day events, Kalki Avatar
  • 10 Mythophrenia on the Mandela Effect as proof of Correction


Block 101: 5 units, including a legacy talk, The Tragedy of the Mother

Course Curriculum

2.100.1 Christos or Thelete 1012 years, 10 months
2.101.0 Autobiography of a Planet 00:00:00
2.101.1 The Imagined God 00:00:00
2.101.2 Or Ever the Earth Was 00:00:00
2.101.4 The Tragedy of the Mother 00:00:00
2 Sophianic Cosmology Orientation Audio: 1012 years, 10 months
Block 102 (In Development)
2.101.4 The FGS in Perspective 01:30:00
2.101 Planetary Vision 00:00:00
Block 103 (In Development)
Private: 2.100 The Fall of the Wisdom Goddess 00:00:00
Private: 2.100 Sharing the Gaia Mythos 00:00:00
2.100 Christos or Thelete 00:00:00
Private: 2.100 Gaia Story 1 – 8 01:30:00
Private: 2.100 Gaia Story 9 – 11 01:30:00
Private: 2.100 Planet Promise I 01:30:00
Private: 2.100 Planet Promise II 01:30:00
Private: 2.100 Planet Promise III 01:30:00
Private: 2.100 Gaia Commentaries 01:30:00
2.100 Gaia Sources 01:30:00
2.100 Lisa Harrison Interview: Timecode Commentaries Pt I 01:30:00
2.100 Alien Dreaming: Enigma of the Archons 01:30:00
2.100 Alien Intrusion 01:30:00
2.100 Anthropos in Gnostic Vision 01:30:00
2.100 Archon Files: Intro 01:30:00
2.100 Coco De Mer Part I 01:30:00
2.100 Coco De Mer Part II 01:30:00
2.100 ET Deception 01:30:00
2.100 Extraterrestrial Religion 01:30:00
2.100 Homeward Gaia 01:30:00
2.100 Overview 01:30:00
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